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Abstract:The 2011 ASQ Future of Quality Study has identified eight factors that will soon have a major impact on the quality profession. Concerns about social issues have led to the rise of global responsibility, an expansion of existing social responsibility policies to address the global impact of organizational decisions as well as issues such as human rights, fair operating practices and societal contributions. Consumers have greater access to information about the products and services they purchase than ever before thanks to the rise of social media. Globalization has been an important force for over a decade, but it is becoming increasingly complex and pervasive. The pace of technological change is getting faster. The workforce is increasingly defined by flexible work hours and more workers than jobs. It is also becoming older, leading to higher health costs but also creating new markets. The scope of quality itself is broadening. Innovation, the ability of a company to adapt to change, is the …

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Study is very helpful with enlightened methodology of using word 'Future'. Future cannot see by anyone, but thorough studies of current development and keeping data on complexes will lead to overcome on past irregularities, and open possible path for future achievements.
--Michael Johnson, 10-17-2018

This article is good. Informative.

I was disappointed that simulation was not discussed in the innovation section of the article. Quality needs to continue to evolve. Improvement is best driven by data, and with ever increasing complexities of our organizations, simulation will be necessary to sift through that data.
--Kitty S, 10-10-2011

This study is always worth reading ... and re-reading. I first encountered this when Paul Borawski presented the 2008 study at ASQ's annual audit conference. Thoughtful and packed with foresight, this is one of ASQ's best efforts.
--Ted, 10-10-2011

This article is concise and powerful, describing survey results and the implications for living and enterprising well into the future.
--Kristina , 10-03-2011

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