Ford's Focus

Abstract:Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company, practiced social responsibility before it was a corporate buzzword. Financially, Ford paid his workers and suppliers as much as possible, charged customers as little as possible, and delivered as much profit as possible to shareholders. Environmentally, he reused as much as possible and set a high standard in workplace …

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Well written, and well intentioned. There is somewhat of a disconnect, though, according to the 200 people laid off in western Ohio because Ford just moved much of their wheel supply to a Chinese company to gain a large cost reduction. Which is really more "made in America": the Ford that does this, or the Honda Accord that focuses on American supply and is 98% such?
--Tom Klingler, 09-08-2011

Good article on a man who didn't limit his way of thinking to the status quo.
--g. w. moore, 09-08-2011

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