Microscope system

Olympus’ BXiS microscope system streamlines industrial inspection and measurement workflows while providing accurate, actionable data. The BXiS offers flexible integrated digital imaging solutions that fit many applications—from R&D to the manufacture of materials, semiconductors and electronic parts.

The BXiS integrated system includes microscope hardware designed to be combined with a digital camera and Olympus Stream software. This helps the user manage the entire imaging process from capture to reporting and archiving.

Adding a motorized nosepiece or specially coded manual nosepiece allows the BXiS to update objective changes instantly, providing automatic magnification readouts and adjusting the scale bar and measuring results.

There are five versions of the microscope frame customized to specific applications, and more than 150 Olympus UIS2 objective lenses available to complete the system.

Email: linda.sikel@olympus.com.

Visit: www.olympus-ims.com.

Data logger

CAS DataLoggers has released the DT85M series 3 data logger. The data logger is designed for remote monitoring. This ultra-low power device features an integrated cellular modem for advanced communication options. Its backlit LCD display shows channel data, alarms and system status, all navigable with the six-button keypad. The remote monitoring equipment features a temperature operating range of -30°C to 70°C and up to 85% relative humidity.

The DT85M’s rugged construction of powder-coated steel and anodized aluminum makes it operational in almost any environment. Additionally, its economical design and peak power of 12W allows use of a smaller solar panel without impacting performance.

Call: 800-956-4437.

Visit: www.dataloggerinc.com.


Orbis Corp. has designed a 40" x 48" Stack’R pallet for customers to use in stacking and lightweight racking applications. The Stack’R is 100% recyclable and manufactured to withstand a variety of temperatures and harsh environments.

The Stack’R pallet is structural foam-molded and was developed to be a smooth and non-porous product to avoid absorbing moisture or odors. This makes it ideal for food and agricultural industries.

Its all-plastic construction also ensures dimensional consistency and repeatable performance in automated systems or high-rise racking. Additional features include edge racking capacities from 750 to 1,500 lbs., availability in Food and Drug Administration-approved material and contoured corners and surfaces to reduce product damage.

Call: 888-307-2185.

Visit: www.orbiscorporation.com.

Reinforcing agent

The Hyperform HPR-803i high-performance reinforcing agent from Milliken & Co. yields finished parts with higher stiffness and impact resistance but lower weight than talc-filled parts. It also features improved feeding and handling characteristics for compounders and yields whiter compounds.

It is intended for use in polypropylene compounds and automobile interior applications. It can be used to partly or fully replace talc in compounds and has the same effect on compounds at much lower dosage rates.

Hyperform HPR-803i enables production of automotive interior trim parts weighing as much as 20% less than talc-filled parts and has a surface finish that is more resistant to scratching. It is available as a free-flowing powder and can be incorporated during compounding through a side-feeder.

Call: 413-448-2260.

Visit: www.millikenchemical.com.


Servo-Tek is offering low-driving torque with tachometers that provide a way to convert rotational speed into an isolated analog voltage signal suitable for remote indication and feedback control.

The D-series tachometer features a low-rippled output. That means the ripple root mean square value will not exceed less than 3% of the direct current value at any speeds in excess of 40 rates per minute on standard units.

The tachometers have Mil-C-5541 and Mil-A-8625 chemical film coatings to protect against corrosion in harsh industrial environments. They are also insulated to ensure reliable performance in internal operating temperatures of +356°F.

Call: 800-527-5646.

Visit: www.servotek.com.


The Minerals Separator from Rotex Global is a high-capacity screener that maximizes product recoveries through an elliptical-linear motion creating sharp separations. Designed to handle the screening requirements of frac sand processing, the separator features blinding control, efficient feed cones and ergonomic clamp handles.

The Minerals Separator is available in 30 models that can be customized for many applications. The proprietary design contains up to three screen decks providing more screening area per square foot and allowing installation in confined spaces.

Call: 513-541-1236.

Visit: www.rotex.com.

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