Flexure gage

Solartron Metrology has introduced two flexure gages. The gages are ideal for post-process or in-process applications requiring high precision and high-volume measurements in which the high throughput would shorten the life of conventional pencil probes. There are no sliding parts within the sensor or its parallelogram-shaped frame, ensuring the gages are frictionless and virtually free from hysteresis.

The gages have forward and reverse spring action, and a pneumatically actuated version is available for applications requiring automated measurements. The analog version with half-bridge or linear variable differential transformer outputs can be used with most standard amplifiers.

The digital gage interfaces with Solartron’s Orbit network, which enables linearity over its full 1 mm or 2 mm measuring range. The Orbit network also allows the gages to be mixed with other digital transducers in one measurement system. The digital and analog sensors can maintain high repeatability and resolution of less than 0.1µm over millions of measurement cycles.

Call: 800-873-5838.

Visit: www.solartronmetrology.com.

Weighing system

The 920i FlexWeigh systems from Rice Lake are pre-engineered and pre-programmed to provide immediate results for a variety of operations. Each 920i FlexWeigh model is a standard design in its own right, factory tested and programmed for specific tasks. Stainless steel NEMA-4X enclosures and rugged, customizable operation switches provide industrial strength.

After it’s customized, the 920i FlexWeigh system is shipped complete and ready to weigh, transitioning almost any measurement task into a fully automated weighing process. The system includes a wall-mount stainless steel enclosure, application program, front panel switches, softkeys for presets, digital input/output board and relay rack outputs.

Call: 715-434-5364.

Visit: www.ricelake.com.

Pressure regulator

Marsh Bellofram’s Type P289 is a back pressure regulator that also functions as a high-flow relief valve with adjustable set point. The Type P289 is ideal for fuel gas relief, gas gathering relief and downstream system pressure control applications.

The Type P289 may be used in place of a standard relief valve to provide protection against overpressurization in the downstream system. The regulator is designed for a quick and smooth response to excessive pressure relief requirements, particularly within low-pressure settings.

The design of the Type P289 allows for high reliability with high flow rates, throttling-type relief and tight shutoff. Optional regulator rebuild kits are also available.

Call: 304-387-1200.

Visit: www.marshbellofram.com.

Gaging package

Heidenhain has coupled with the Acanto absolute length gage and established the ND 2100G Gage-Chek metrology readouts. This gaging package has been designed for many fixed gaging applications.

The Heidenhain Acanto absolute length gage with EnDat 2.2 has 2 µm of accuracy that holds throughout the entire measuring length. Using EnDat 2.2, the Acanto knows its position upon power-up with no need to reference. It comes in spring and pneumatically operated models, and is offered in 12 mm and 30 mm measuring lengths.

The Heidenhain ND 2100G Gage-Chek will handle gaging and inspection tasks from simple pass/fail detection to complex logic statements.

The Heidenhain ND 2100G Gage-Chek features an LED that displays results numerically or graphically as a bar graph or dial indicator. The ND 2100G Gage-Chek can manage up to 100 parts, each with up to 16 visible measurement features and 16 hidden ones. It also can save thousands of data-entry points for internal statistical process control or export.

Call: 847-490-1191.

Visit: www.heidenhain.us.

Analog sensor

Turck has announced an inductive analog sensor that provides a 360° angular measurement. The rotary inductive sensors use resistance inductive capacitance measuring technology, making it immune to electromagnetic interference.

Turck’s rotary inductive sensors are IP67 rated with a temperature range of -40 to 70 °C, making the devices ideal for measuring the angle of solar panels, wind turbines, crane position and other outdoor applications. The sensor and its positioning element are separate pieces so the positioning element can be mounted in a variety of unique ways, such as directly onto a rotating shaft, without experiencing the wear common to these types of sensors.

Call: 800-544-7769.

Visit: www.turck.us.

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