Put JIB on the Job

Abstract:Albany International (AI) needed to sustain process improvements in a time of economic downturn. It turned to a proven training program, training within industry (TWI), specifically job instruction (JI). Key to JI is the job instruction breakdown, or JIB. The JIB is a tool for instructors that identifies the important steps in a process, the key points workers need to understand for each step and the reasons for the step. The instructor uses the JIB to present a training program that prepares the worker, presenting the operation the worker is to undertake, testing the worker on that operation and following up with advice and answers until the trainer is confident the worker knows the job. When AI decided to undergo the JI process, they began with training for the trainers. They decided after initial training to dedicate two production personnel to be primary JIB writers and trainers; as they wrote JIBs they trained operators for each shift, who then trained the workers on their shift. One …

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Very useful article. It illustrates a very useful yet simple tool.
--Ron Jarrett, 07-13-2011

--Todd, 07-13-2011

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