LinkedIn or Lose Out

Abstract:More than 100 million professionals have joined the online professional networking site LinkedIn. LinkedIn has many advantages. It provides user with the largest business database, allowing users to find business professionals and see the relationships that exist between connected users. It also allows users to monitor competitors, most of whom will be using LinkedIn. It provides updates on people and events defined as important by the user, it creates an online presence for a company, and it provides access to experts around the world to answer questions. LinkedIn does offer pay services, but most people can easily use a free account to accomplish their …

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I use Linked In frequently to look up backgrounds of either those I am interviewing or those I am going to be interviewed by. It really helps to know the backgrounds of potential future associates.
--LJBL, 05-01-2013

I rated this article a "5". It's true, LinkedIn is the new paradigm in career transition networking. The author presents many convincing reasons to the reader to investigate this social networking tool.
--John "DAVID" Carlson, 03-17-2012

Very informative. I was on the fence, but now I can see that I've been missing out.
--Aaron Curtis, 11-25-2011

Excellent and timely article. Thanks for including the group I run - QualityNet - in your list of popular quality groups.
--Anshuman, 07-22-2011

Finally, LEAN has come to support our careers + networking. Fantastic article. What a great way to promote ASQ, as well as our personal certifications and continuous improvement efforts. As professionals, we should be leading the way to use this tool most effectively.

Daniel Indish

--Daniel Indish, 07-20-2011

I love LinkedIn. It's a super social media tool!
--Dawn Buchanan, 07-18-2011

I have been a LinkedIn user for a few years, and I have been telling my friends how great this tool is. I will be sending this artile to all of them. It is a great article that targets exactly why you should sign up, especially for the younger generation.
--Sejal Patel, 07-15-2011

I've used LinkedIn for two years and joined a few groups, and I'm disappointed. Yes, it has the potential the article states, but in reality I find that serious discussions are rare compared to the quantity of LinkedIn users.
--Varda Swery, 07-13-2011

Great article. Glad to read you are sharing information on social media!
--Jeanne Patti, 07-13-2011

I am a LinkedIn fan. Listen to a couple of podcasts at the link, and you will have no more doubts.
--Fabrizio, 07-13-2011

It is a great social networking site for business professionals.
--Manu Vora, 07-13-2011

Good article and sound advice!
--Kevin Holston, 07-13-2011

--Freda Kjolhede, 07-13-2011

Linkedin has proven to be an exceptional tool and it's good to see more information on it opened up to the public, keeping in mind this tool is used internationally as well.
--Ron Anderson, 07-12-2011

--jaswinder singh, 07-12-2011

I had no idea linkedIn could be so useful. I will definitely begin using it more often. Thank you!
--Amber Weaver, 07-12-2011

I am a social media consultant and have to say this is an outstanding article that fully illustrates the main benefits for joining the Linkedin Network. My business and clients have benefited so much from utilizing Linkedin as a marketing and networking tool, and also for striking joint venture partnerships. I hope more businesses realize this and join in.
--Judith Anthony Kwentoh ACQI, 07-11-2011

Good write up to encourage new adopters of this indispensable tool!
--G.H. Ong, 07-06-2011

I agree with you. This is a good article, very informative. More power to you and the global quality movement.
--BUDS M. FERNANDO, 07-02-2011

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