Handheld tachometer

Ono Sokki’s HT-4200 tachometer is small, thin and lightweight, weighing less than 4.5 oz. Measurement setup involves applying a small piece of reflective tape marker or reflective paint to the surface of the object being measured. For operation, aim the HT-4200’s red light beam at the reflective marker, and an indicator light will flash to let you know when you’re on target.

The HT-4200’s light beam has a range of 12 in., allowing measurements to be taken quickly and safely, with an accuracy of 1 rpm. It can measure up to 50,000 rpm, displaying results on an LCD screen. The HT-4200 continually displays the updated rpm every second. The last measured value is automatically held in memory for one minute.

Call: 630-627-9700.

Visit: www.onosokki.net.

Superspectral achromatized lens series

StingRay Optics has released a superspectral lens series, the all-refractive SuperBand Optic. The lens assemblies offer achromatic imaging over a wide spectral region, from visible to far-infrared wavelengths. The SuperBand Optic is ideal for systems comprised of multiple sensors, stacked focal plane arrays (FPAs) or emerging dual-detector arrays through a common aperture approach.

StingRay offers three SuperBand lens assemblies, including 25mm, 50mm and 100mm focal lengths. Other SuperBand configurations available include options for dual field of vision designs, large format FPAs and alternative sensitivity ranges.

Call: 630-358-5577.

Visit: www.stingrayoptics.com.

Mobile video collaboration system

Librestream’s mobile collaboration system, Onsight, takes video collaboration beyond traditional boardroom applications onto the plant floor, to a supplier location or into the field where the problems are actually occurring.

The Onsight system connects internal users to remote locations in realtime with added security to keep content safe. Users can receive live video and audio; share feedback with field staff, suppliers or customers to assess operations; and, resolve issues immediately.

The handheld device comes in three models, including the Onsight 2000EX that has Zone 2 hazardous location approval. This approval means the device can be used in potentially hazardous locations, such as oil refineries, chemical processing plants, aircraft hangars and gas pipelines.

Call: 905-690-6662.

Visit: www.librestream.com.

High-speed camera

Photron’s IDP Express R2000 for real-time imaging features an onboard field-programmable gate array (FPGA) to provide developers access to the high-speed open-ended architecture.

The IDP Express R2000 is available with or without the FPGA. Without the FPGA, the R2000 operates in a typical, high-speed image acquisition capacity, writing image data directly to the host computer.

With the FPGA, the camera enables real-time hardware-based preprocessing while recording the event.

Call: 800-585-2129.

Visit: www.photron.com.

Mobile data logger

Ipetronik has introduced FleetLog, a data-logging device offering mobile data-recording capabilities. The logger is designed for use within heavy vehicle fleet management applications such as data acquisition and predictive maintenance, in-vehicle driver response and endurance tests, external vehicle measurements, statistical research, fuel efficiency studies, braking data and driver efficiency route identification.

The FleetLog features four galvanically isolated campus area network channels and a central measurement gateway with a real-time operating system of up to 16 GB of onboard memory storage for event-controlled data recording through remote functions and trigger. The data loggers are designed to operate throughout a temperature range of -4°F-158°F and offer IP32 environmental protection for added durability in harsh environments.

Call: 866-777-6220.

Visit: www.ipetronik.com.

Solar simulators

Oriel’s Sol3A series of solar simulators for photovoltaic applications features a proprietary spectral correction filter and an optical design to meet Class A performance qualifications, including spectral match, nonuniformity of irradiance and temporal instability for standards with the International Electrotechnical Commission, Japanese Industrial Standard and the American Society for Testing and Materials.

The Sol3A series is ideal for photovoltaic applications requiring a constant-wave light source. The series also offers a highly collimated output suited for concentrator applications. Temperature sensors and safety interlocks prevent inadvertent exposure to ultraviolet light for the safety of the operator.

Call: 203-377-8282.

Visit: www.newport.com/sol3a.

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