Gaging system

Renishaw’s Equator gaging system is capable of high-speed comparative gauging for inspection of high-volume manufactured parts and is ideal in automotive, aerospace and medical industries.

Equator systems are available with two levels of software: a programmable version for production engineers to create disaster management information system (DMIS) programs, and a shop-floor system that allows those programs to be executed but prevents operators from making modifications.

Equator features a control system for users to create and execute DMIS measurement programs, change settings and transfer data or programs. Equator can be integrated into automated cells or by outputting the results to a statistical process control package. 

Infrared video camera

Sensors Unlimited’s SU640KTS is a large-format indium gallium arsenide high-resolution shortwave infrared (SWIR) video camera. The SU640KTS operates in the SWIR at 30 fps. The camera, with 25 µm pitch, features built-in, non-uniformity corrections, automatic gain control and adjustable automatic contrast enhancement. It also offers video output compatibility for 12-bit digital imaging.

The camera is ideal in solar applications involving silicon block, silicon ingot or wafer inspection. Other applications include integrated circuit microscopy, machine vision of moving objects, sorting, inspection, laser-beam profiling and thermal imaging. 

Top-load case packer

Douglas Machine has introduced TriVex, a fully automatic, top-load case packer that erects, loads and seals cases. TriVex’s complete integration means less product and case handling, less maintenance of additional equipment and less use of floor space.

TriVex operates at 15 cases per minute, depending on case size. TriVex is available with application-specific loader, end effector and infeed solutions for products such as flexible bags and pouches, semi-rigid and rigid trays, tubs, cups, cartons and over-wrapped products.

Aircraft vibration monitoring

Silicon Designs has released aircraft vibration monitoring, single axis 2220 and 2240 series modules. The modules offer measurement stability, the ability to respond to alternate current and direct current (DC) acceleration, high and low-temperature operation, and low power consumption.

The 2220 series is housed in an anodized aluminum case, and the 2240 series features a hermetically sealed titanium case with removable plug and cable. The modules offer DC response capabilities to make the required low-frequency, high-precision measurements typical of aircraft flutter applications. The modules also offer shock and vibration measurement capabilities to support high-impact landing gear monitoring and testing.

High-definition camera

Toshiba Imaging Systems Division has released the IK-HR2D high-definition camera. The camera offers real-time, live-image data capture up to 60 fps and features digital visual interface (DVI-D) and USB outputs. The camera is ideal for microscopy and other life sciences, industrial, defense and broadcast applications.

The IK-HR2D has complementary metal-oxide semiconductor image sensors that allow users to choose from selectable outputs to capture and send video data. The DVI-D output is used for video data, and the USB output is ideal for still images.

Pressure transducer

Kistler has announced two piezoresistive pressure transducers, Types 4260A and 4262A. Each transducer is designed to meet the requirements of automotive powertrain and component leak testing applications, such as transmission and engine block assemblies; intake and exhaust manifolds; oil pans; water jacket liners; fuel rails; cylinder heads; shock absorbers; braking systems; and water, oil and fuel pumps.

Transducer construction consists of a microelectronic mechanical sensor element with a measurement range of -14.7–5,000 psi. The sensing element is mounted within a seal assembly that is fully isolated from pressure media.

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