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I, your editor, do solemnly swear to …

If there’s a will there’s a way, and if there’s a way, we’ll find it.

Providing ASQ members value has been my battle cry of late. That’s not to say QP editors aren’t already dedicated to providing readers the content, ideas and information they seek—we always are! But there are moments of supreme clarity, in which we lift our heads from their regularly hunched-over position (usually bent over an article we’re editing), look around and say: "This is why we do it!"

We’ve been talking about value a lot lately—namely, our job to serve. We’re here to give you what you need to improve and to be more successful at what you do. We hope the articles and information we provide each month do that; however, if you need something beyond what’s found in the magazine, website and e-newsletters, reach out to us.

  • Is there a specific article or topic you’re researching? We can work to find it.
  • Is there a specific question or challenge you’re facing? We can connect you with answers, via our Expert Answers department. Besides what you see in the magazine, we help you find the answers you need (even if they aren’t published).
  • And, as always, we’re open to your ideas regarding editorial direction and coverage.

Those are givens. Beyond that, we aim to delight, giving you the new technologies and formats you want, responding to voice of the customer and moving outside comfort zones. We’re testing out a couple new offerings this month:

  • QR (quick response) codes: Don’t know what they are? Don’t worry. These easy-to-use barcodes simply lead you to supplemental online content via your smartphone. Give it a try; the codes are scattered throughout the issue, and instructions can be found in Keeping Current.
  • Audio interviews: In a follow-up to the article "Leveling the Playing Field," which discusses how quality can play a role in sports and improved performance, Assistant Editor Brett Krzykowski conducts an audio interview with author Linda Wawrzyniak. You can find a link to the conversation at the top of the article’s webpage.

QP will continue to work toward bringing you the best information in the ways you demand, when you demand them—but never at the expense of the editorial content you depend on. This month’s cover story details Boeing’s supplier rating system ("The Way to Engage"), offering ideas that could help inspire improvements to your own. Boeing’s system reminds us that keeping the inputs to your products and processes at the highest level of quality produces the highest-quality outputs. In the case of QP, those key inputs are your voices!

Seiche Sanders

Seiche Sanders

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