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Abstract:Measuring and monitoring supplier performance is an important tool for Boeing Co. To this end, the company has created an enterprise-wide performance rating system. The system grades delivery, business management performance and product or service quality, measured at the delivery site, business group and composite level. Several different scoring methods may apply to any single supplier, so Boeing uses a weighting system based on dollars paid at each Boeing site at which a supplier does business. The company allows users and suppliers to view performance reports, including both the raw data and explanations of how it was used in assessing a specific supplier’s performance. Boeing generates an overall performance score based on the average of all a supplier’s ratings, with caps if any individual rating was particularly low. Every month the data is fed into the Boeing Enterprise Supplier Tool. The data is used to make supplier decisions and monitor the effects of supplier performance. …

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100% for my company! Works GREAT!
--Robin, 04-21-2011

It is a better evaluation from the customer's perspective. It would be better to add a paragraph on how Boeing is supporting and developing the suppliers.
--Appa, 04-13-2011

The BEST system does not allow the Field Quality Reps to make corrections to the data. The data can only be corrected by the Site quality Reps that wrote the nonconformances. The supplier ratings are not accurate in many cases, yet they are rated on the score.
--Ronald Tovsen, 04-08-2011

Provides a nice overview of a structured, systematic process for supplier evaluation and management.
--Paul, 04-03-2011

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