Mahr Federal has introduced the MMQ 400 series. The series features the MarForm MMQ 400-2, which is a controller that increases the speed and resolution of the machine and allows it to measure surface finish characteristics.

The MMQ 400-2 includes solid construction with a dimensioned, reinforced steel base. High-precision mechanical bearings for the rotary table eliminate the need for an air supply, and all motors and electronic components have been thermally isolated to enhance stability. Homogeneous materials have been used in construction to minimize the effects of thermal expansion.

The MMQ 400-2 can evaluate standard form parameters, including roundness, sector roundness, run-out, sector run-out, concentricity and coaxiality, total run-out, cylindricity, straightness, section-by-section straightness, parallelism, perpendicularity, angularity, flatness, conicity and taper. The system has been designed to measure a wide variety of workpieces, including injection components, antilock brake system components, valves, pistons and piston rods, brake disks, gear shafts and ballbearings.

Call: 401-784-3100.

Visit: www.mahr.com.

Compressed air filter

Finite Filter’s line of top-loading compressed air filters are designed to make element change-out faster and easier in even the most space-challenged environments. The drain connections do not need to be disrupted during the change-out process.

The air filters remove almost 100% of oil, water and solids from compressed air and other gases. Other features include robust aluminum construction, top-threading element design for faster change-outs, coalescing design to continuously trap and drain liquids, and operation with minimal pressure drop.

Applications include protecting refrigerated dryers from oil contamination, cold coalescing, general industrial and original equipment management requirements.

Call: 248-628-6400.

Visit: www.parker.com.


Spectra-Physics has released the Mosaic 532-11, a Q-switched diode-pumped solid-state industrial laser series. The
Mosaic 532-11 laser has short pulse widths and high-peak power, and can operate at high repetition rates. This results in higher throughput while minimizing undesirable thermal effects.

The Mosaic laser platform is ideal for microelectronics and photovol-taics manufacturing, as well as other processes that demand 24/7 operation. Microelectronics include depaneling or singulating printed circuit boards, structuring and ablating materials on printed circuit boards, scribing ceramics and deflashing electronic package leads. Photovoltaic applications include edge isolation of crystalline silicon wafers and scribing layers on thin film solar panels.

Call: 408-980-4300.

Visit: www.newport.com/spectra-physics.

Light emitting diode

Opto Diode has released the OD-624L, a high-output light emitting diode (LED) with a dominant emission wavelength at 624 nm. It features a narrow beam angle ideal for fluorescence in medical, scientific testing, instruments and forensic applications.

The lighting device delivers total power output ranging from 80-170 mW. Under certain test conditions, the peak emission wavelength is typically 635 nm, and the spectral bandwidth at 50% is 40 nm.

Opto Diode offers the high-output red LED in a hermetically sealed TO-5 can with three leads. Under absolute maximum ratings at 25°C, the continuous forward current is 500 mA, with reverse voltage of 10V. The lead soldering temperature is 260°C.

Call: 805-499-0335.

Visit: www.optodiode.com.


Krohne has added the Optisound VU3X series continuous ultrasonic level transmitter to meet specific level or open-channel flow measurement needs of industrial and municipal markets. It provides a repeatable and accurate continuous level measurement of liquids. It is capable of liquid level measurement to ranges up to 30 ft., with a 2-wire 4-20mA output signal.

The Optisound VU3X comes standard with an integral display and keypad for local configuration. Custom characterizations for non-standard flow or tank shapes can be set up through a 21-point strapping table.

The Optisound VU3X series features patented algorithms that allow the system to ignore most internal vessel obstructions that may be positioned directly in the ultrasonic beam path without the need for user intervention. The sensor also can be recessed in vessel nozzles to allow measurement to the very top of the vessel. 

Call: 978-535-6060.

Visit: www.krohne.com.

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