Best of Both Worlds

Abstract:A process turtle diagram shows the inputs, outputs, necessary human and nonhuman resources, operational methods and performance indicators that go into the process. A process flow chart defines the steps that go into the process. Combining them creates the turtle flow diagram, which shows both process data from the turtle chart and process flow from the flow chart in a single …

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Excellent contribution ! thanks Gene
--Cristopher Arvizu, 06-20-2019

Good combination tool.
--Yazeed M. Alzghoul, 07-21-2011

It is a good input for all of us dealing with diagraming all processes flows prior to implementing anything within the QMS.
--Carlos Saavedra, 07-05-2011

Good idea sharing.
--Diana Leung, 05-04-2011

Very cool. Turtle diagrams are not enough. The combination allows for a great way of depicting and defining inputs and outputs.
--Robin, 04-25-2011

Excellent, new understanding to use in my trainings.
--Mohammed Ali, 04-16-2011

Elegant option and well explained.
--Caryn Whitney, 04-11-2011

--Itzaga Barr, 04-11-2011

Well done. A good article to get us thinking. One observation: If the elements in the outside parts of the turtle diagram are processes that satisfy ISO 9001 requirements, then they would be off-page references.
--Joe Ludford, 04-09-2011

A relevant article to our IA Training.
--James M. Jasinski, 04-08-2011

Good, informative & succinct article. I was unfamiliar with Turtle diagrams.
--maureen, 04-08-2011

Nice concept.
--Kim Linton, 04-08-2011

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