Control stations and pilot lights

O-Z/Gedney has released a line of factory-sealed, explosion and dust-proof control stations and pilot lights. The Optitrol stations and pilot lights are used for remote motor control in industrial areas where flammable gases are present.

Optitrol’s heavy-duty enclosure confines electrical arcing, preventing ignition of flammable atmospheres found in chemical plants, refineries and other classified industrial areas during operation of motors and other electrical equipment. The malleable iron enclosure and its cover are given a triple coat of zinc, chromate and epoxy powder for extreme corrosion resistance.

The enclosure and the pilot lights are factory sealed. A large backbox allows room for wiring. It is also rated NEMA 3 for outdoor use, providing a degree of protection against snow, ice, sleet and rain.

Call: 800-621-1506.

Visit: www.o-zgedney.com.


Taylor Hobson has released the Talysurf PGI Optics 3D, which provides measurements possible on optics ranging from small parts with high numerical apertures up to parts of 200 mm in diameter with 20 mm of sag. This allows the instrument to measure optics used in a range of precision applications, including 3D aspheric metrology on laboratory and production shop floors.

Its embedded software provides calibration and execution of a sequence of measurements. The instrument includes the capability of complete aspheric analysis of the measurement results without the need for any further measurement analysis.

The PGI Optics 3D profiler is ideal for 3D form measurement of shallow and steepsided molds and lenses, and provides full support for the measurement of diffractive lenses.

E-mail: sales@taylor-hobson.com.

Visit: www.taylor-hobson.com.


ASI Datamyte has announced the TranSend II utility software, a solution for manufacturers seeking a way to transfer data between data collectors, statistical process control applications, analytical software and common spreadsheets.

It includes routines that automatically generate reports in standard ASI Datamyte and web-based formats. It provides automatic data harvesting, automatic spec limit and configuration updates to data collectors.

A feature called Express Refresh allows a data-collector operator to automatically upload data from all setups and update parameters by connecting a cable to the data collector and clicking a start button. It also provides cross-referencing capability. When any of the names or labels used to identify a characteristic are called up, the advanced manufacturing data structure provides a reference to all the other names or labels associated with that characteristic.

Call: 763-746-4172.

Visit: www.asidatamyte.com.

Silicone spray

CRC has introduced Slick Surface Silicone, a non-flammable silicone spray that lubricates and protects in metal and non-metal applications. The lemon-scented product forms a white emulsion that eliminates sticking and binding.

Slick Surface Silicone can be used for lubricating chutes, guides, slides, rails, conveyors and bottling machinery. Other applications include lubricating linkages, molds, motor bearings, projectors, pulleys, timers, rubber seals, tools and ceramic insulators.

Call: 800-272-4620.

Visit: www.crcindustries.com.

Anti-reflective optical coatings

Precision Glass and Optics offers anti-reflective (AR) optical coatings for biomedical and life sciences applications. The AR optical coatings are ideal for coating on quartz, BK-7, glass and other optical materials. The AR coatings improve performance in optical systems and increase transmission and enhance contrast.

The AR optical coatings are available ranging from 250-2,500 nm and include standard broadbands, V-coatings and double V-coatings matched to a variety of substrates. The standard broadband coatings are ideal for research and industrial tasks, and can be designed to accommodate custom operational wavelengths and angle requirements.

Call: 714-540-0126.

Visit: www.pgo.com.

Confocal height sensor

Newport has released a confocal height sensor for use with their MRSI dispense systems. The chromatic confocal sensor allows measurements in a single axis and provides access to deep cavities, confined spaces and areas in close proximity to walls and other obstructions. 

An LED light source with a sensor spot size of 50 microns in diameter is used to provide nanoresolution. The confocal sensor allows for measurement of glass, semiconductor materials and mirrored surfaces. The MRSI dispense systems provide assembly solutions for complete epoxy die attach, eutectic and flip-chip bonding, as well as delivering turnkey production for multi-chip modules, semiconductor packaging, microwave modules and photonics packaging.

Call: 978-667-9449.

Visit: www.newport.com.

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