For Starbucks, It's in the Bag

Abstract:When voice of the customer data showed that Starbuck's needed to improve packaging of their one-pound coffee, the company explored the process parameters of important packaging quality characteristics. A response surface design was seen as most suited to meeting …

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--Deyanira, 06-11-2014

What a great example of applying the techniques I see in my textbooks. Thank you for sharing this real-life example.
--April R Miller, 04-23-2011

A very good read, especially for a loyal Starbucks customer.
--Zabeel Basheer, 03-30-2011

This is an excellent application of response surface experimentation in an industrial application. I look forward to apply the same technique to my engineering work at Owens-Illinois.
--Nebil Orkan, 03-25-2011

--, 03-08-2011

I found this article to be very interesting, well-written, and generally understood. It appeals because I do buy Starbucks coffee in bags.
--Joseph Howard, 03-07-2011

This is quite possibly THE best article I have read on quality! As a lover of quality and coffee, I couldn't ask for a better read!
--N. Johnson, 03-07-2011

A widely known subject of "how to keep the coffee airtight to retain its flavor" is lucidly explained using statistical models. Excellent.
--S.Kannan, 03-01-2011

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