If You Build It, They Will Come

Abstract:Given the level of health care risk experienced by employers, it makes sense that they should create a culture of health that minimizes that risk. The quality model suggests that a quality management approach to health care must take into account a wide set of inputs, including not only work environment but also employees' home life and the health care system itself. Data collection is important at every stage of the process. Manufacturing company Vermeer Corp. used a lean quality management approach to identify and target the most important health risks, organize its approach to employee health using a quality model, apply process improvement to the issue and incrementally construct a population health system in conjunction with insurers and health care …

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Applying a systematic improvement process to the challenge of improving employee health to reduce healthcare costs is a timely idea that offers enormous upside for users and excellent optics for the quality profession to demonstrate tangible, important results that provide direction and a course of action to serve our country in one of its most pressing and seemingly intractable issues. Thank you for your insight.
--Barry Johnson, 03-11-2011

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