Eriez has announced a series of rare earth (RE) aftermarket grates and drawer magnets that slide into existing drawer magnet housings. The increased use of recycled plastics requires these very highstrength magnets. Reprocessed material pellets are captured and held to prevent product contamination, process down time, equipment or mold damage and plugged valve gates.

Other features of the RE drawer magnets include close-tube spacing for ferrous removal and the ability to handle resin temperatures up to 250 F°. They also improve separation performance and help keep equipment running smoothly. Adhesive backed gaskets are included for installation.

Call: 888-300-3743.

Visit: www.eriez.com.


The Chemineer Model 20 HT/GT agitators are designed for applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, ethanol and biofuels, water and wastewater, and power industries. The agitators feature a gear box designed for agitator service.

Models are available in right-angle and parallel-shaft configurations to meet specific application requirements—from critical chemical reactor systems to routine storage.

The agitators incorporate a modular design package reducing the number of replacement parts that need to be kept in inventory. The wide range of speeds available provides improved process control and greater application versatility.

E-mail: sales.chemineerus@robn.com.

Visit: www.chemineer.com.

Sound meter

The Casella CEL-620B sound meter is designed for safety compliance and exposure monitoring. It digitally measures sound level in factories, refineries, construction sites or other workplaces where noise is a concern. It features a wide sound range and real-time octave band frequency analysis from 16 Hz to 16 kHz. It also has a full-color LCD that presents overall noise levels in numerical and graphical formats.

The CEL-620B also has the capability to measure three broadband levels plus 11 octave bands over the whole audio range simultaneously.

Up to 100 run results can be stored in its internal memory. The instrument connects to a PC using its integral high-speed USB interface. Runs can be imported into standard office programs, such as word processors and spreadsheets.

Call: 800-366-2966.

Visit: www.casellausa.com.

Open linear encoder

RSF Elektronik has released an open linear encoder equipped with an integrated mounting control. The MS 25 uses a tricolored LED directly at the reading head, enabling the user to gauge if the mounting and subsequent measurement readings are optimal.

Common applications for open linear encoders are stages for medical and semiconductor machines, and metrology applications. The RSF MS 25 linear encoder offers permanent control of the scanning signals over the whole measuring length.

The RSF MS 25 uses a single-field scanning principle, allowing for high traversing speeds, large mounting tolerances and insensitivity to contamination on the scale. Integrated into the head of the MS 25 encoder is a range of interpolation electronics, enabling resolutions from 10 µm to 100 nm. Two end-of-travel optical switch signals are also available directly out of the reader head.

Call: 847-490-0387.

Visit: www.rsf.at.

Pellet screener

Rotex’s plastic pellet screeners for compounders offer removal of off-size material and quick changeover between batches. The long-stroke, gyratory motion spreads pellets across the full width with no vertical action or hop. Longs, toothpicks and jack straws remain flat rather than upending, and a dual-velocity drive accelerates discharge of longs.

Plastic pellet screeners are available with a blinding control system. Variable frequency pneumatic tappers clean a pretensioned perforated plate screen frame without the use of mesh cleaning balls. Rotex offers two installation options.

Call: 800-453-2321.

Visit: www.rotex.com.

Power distribution center

Power Distribution has announced the addition of the 400 amp Powerwave Bus System for data center, industrial and commercial power applications.

The Powerwave Bus System is an overhead power distribution system that minimizes the costs and coordination for computer server adds, and changes in a data center or commercial environment.

All systems are available with PDI’s Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS) that gathers and reports loads at the branch circuit level.

The Powerwave system also offers communications through the BCMS intelligent monitoring systems, which allows for instantaneous reporting and management of power quality parameters, including amperage, voltage, power factor, and kWH.

Call: 800-225-4838.

Visit: www.pdicorp.com.

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