Position sensor

Macro Sensors’ right-angle configurations of its spring-loaded and through-bore LVDT position sensors offer a shortened unit length and stop debris from accumulating inside the sensor body. This design is ideal for industrial applications when a conventional linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) position sensor is too long or environmental contaminants can limit sensor performance.

The LVDTs are designed with a radially mounted electrical connector and are shorter than those with axial connectors. The installed length of the LVDT position sensors is at least 2 in. shorter than comparable units. It has an axially mounted connector for easier installation in tight spaces.

The LVDT is accessible from both ends and can operate in temperatures up to 220°F. The hermetically sealed versions, constructed entirely of stainless steel with coil windings sealed against hostile environments, can withstand pressures up to 1,000 psi. The sensors are ideal for automotive factories, forges and foundries, metal fabricating machinery, paper and plastic film plants, sawmills, process automation applications, hydraulic cylinder and other types of motion control systems.

Call: 856-662-8000.

E-mail: positionsensors@macrosensors.com.

Pressure sensor

Turck has introduced the PS300 series of pressure sensors for hydraulic applications. The series feature a rugged, IP69K rated design made to withstand harsh environments. PS300 sensors provide a measuring range from 3-400 bar. Signals are processed on the PS300’s pressure-measuring cell and digitally transferred to the sensor’s self-contained display.

PS300 sensors are available in male or female thread versions, with digital or analog outputs for all measuring ranges. Bonded seals ensure a reliable process connection for highest-accuracy measurements.

Call: 800-544-7769.

Visit: http://turck.us.


Intelligrated has unveiled the Alvey 890 mid-speed case palletizer, which can form most patterns with a wide range of package types and sizes on a variety of pallet platforms. The standard pattern creation utility meets complex pattern requirements, including the ability to build four different layer configurations in one load.

The Alvey 890 features a compact footprint and flexible layout of front and side discharge configurations, and is capable of rates up to 75 cases per minute. It also includes enhanced diagnostics and alarm history, lower noise levels, standard Ethernet communication capabilities, an improved frame design to reduce installation time, and fully integrated and enhanced safety guarding.

Call: 513-881-5239.

Visit: www.intelligrated.com.


Rice Lake has released the Versa-portion bench scale. Made of stainless steel, the scale is IP68 rated and weighs items from 6-60 lbs. The Versa-portion bench scale is ideal for food processing and hygienic medical settings.

The keypad moves between ounces, pounds and grams. Users can customize pans and fixtures for many weighing options.

Call: 715-434-5364.

Visit: www.ricelake.com.


Geomate has released GrafiCalc software that allows users to simulate and solve critical engineering challenges before committing to computer-aided design software and manufacturing resources.

GrafiCalc provides visual feedback from tools and constraints to enhance the function-modeling experience. The matrix-driven constraint manager has been enhanced to handle multiple level circularities in design intent. Users can link calculation results as well as any dimension in GrafiCalc function models to MS Excel calculations and conversely use values in MS Excel cells to drive attributes of geometry in GrafiCalc function models.

The software is ideal whether users perform a quick analysis of new design concepts or evaluate complex product performance and manufacturing challenges up front at the system level.

E-mail: info@inventbetter.com.

Visit: www.inventbetter.com.

Touch probe

Heidenhain’s TS 249 is a compact touch probe primarily used in numerically controlled grinding machines and lathes. These machines are often equipped with a touch probe mounted on a tilting fixture in the machine workspace when there are tight workpiece tolerances to meet and high process reliability required.

On surface grinders, it is common to see the probes used for in-process measurement to ensure process control. On lathes, touch probes are used when demanding work pieces have to be measured in small batch production. A touch probe also can be used to inspect turning tools for wear and breakage directly in the machine.

The TS 249 touch probe provides trigger signals that are ready for immediate processing by the controls. There is no need for an amplifier interface between the device and the control.

Call: 847-490-1191.

Visit: www.heidenhain.us.

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