Doomed to Fail

Abstract:Five common mistakes can mean failure for a continuous improvement (CI) program. Executives can fail to incorporate the CI program into their strategic plan. CI leadership can try to force the necessary cultural change rather than implementing change management procedures. They can fail to communicate, either by not providing information or by not listening to feedback from employees. The program can pick the wrong projects, ones that do not address significant problems within the organization, or the wrong leaders, ones who do not have the availability or the skills to lead the projects. Finally, they can adopt poor metrics and measurement …

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could a system without any control improve

Aylin N. Sener
--Aylin N. Sener, 06-19-2015

I thought this had some very good points. I have seen many of them during past implementations.
--Doug Von Feldt, 03-03-2011

Good article. Many of the common pitfalls pointed out. I have yet to see a good argument to put to CEOs who see quality as a cost center (particularly prevalent in a service environment).

--Wayne Parker, 02-07-2011

Good points, but when there's not even one single member at the executive level who truly understand and support continuous improvement, it's very hard--if not impossible--for Ben to get leadership engagement. Four of the five actions suggested that Ben sit down with executives to talk it though. These are all good suggestions, but in many cases Ben just could not get the time commitment from the executives. They're always busy with tons of other more important things.
--Mindy, 01-12-2011

Good article. Helps to identify when/why a project goes off track and how to get it back on.
--Karen Coke, 01-12-2011

The names may have been changed, but I easily recognized that "Ben" was me. Great tips, excellent article. I will keep on fighting!
--Tom Grinley, 01-12-2011

Very helpful article; I will be able to apply these concepts for mid-term review of several QI projects in our organization.
--Jon Fadely, 01-11-2011

Great article about the pitfalls that can affect the implementation of any structural change. It helped me re-focus my implementation project.
--Jen, 01-11-2011

Very good article. Clarifies fundamentals of continuous improvement.
--Bharati Gogia, 01-11-2011

Very relevant and good reminders. These items are a must, but there are others too.
--Reza Ziai, 01-11-2011

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