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Abstract:Weak workforce engagement can lead to poor retention, increased absenteeism and lowered productivity. Career development opportunities are one potential solution. A survey by Right Management found that opportunities for employer education drive engagement, retention, productivity and performance. Survey respondents ranked learning and development second only to work processes on a list of general engagement drivers. Over half of the top ten individual engagement drivers in the survey were related to career development in some way. Employers looking to improve their career development opportunities should develop a formal program that addresses the needs and challenges of their specific …

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Good insights and data to support the article's title. I think the challenge for some readers will be: How do I get my company to do this without being shown the door?. At the opposite end of the spectrum may be: That's a good idea, but we do not have the resources to implement employee engagement.

I hope a follow-up article bridges the data results and philosophy into a case study of a company that previously was not as disciplined in systemically monitoring employee happiness.
--Mike Mackinder, 01-20-2011

I agree with the comments. Employee engagement is a product of various functions, and a visible opportunity to rise is an important factor, but not the only one. Article is recommended.
--vn choudhary, 01-12-2011

Excellent article.
--Sameer Chauhan, 01-11-2011

Good article. Hit the nail on the head. I have always believed in and practiced empowerment. Who wants to stay with a company that puts silos around its people?
--Harold Crotts, 01-11-2011

I have a master's degree in Org Behavior and more than 40 years experience managing people, beginning with a 20-year career at GE and now at my own business. This article states my experience and current operating philosophy very accurately. Companies should pay attention to this. It works.
--Lynn Dupuy, 01-04-2011

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