Salary Survey 2010: Revealing Answers

Abstract:Analyzing the Quality Progress Salary Surveys for 2007 through 2010 reveals that, contrary to expectations, salaries for quality professionals rose in 2010 to levels above those of 2007. Salaries varied highly by metro area and by country. The salary gender gap was constant over the period, but part of that gap appears to be due to the generally higher experience level of male quality professionals. Age and education level were also generally indicators of higher salary levels. The percentage of quality professionals employed full time rose slightly in 2010 after a two year decline, but it remained several percentage points below the 2007 level of 98 percent. The hiring lag grew 0.1 percent for professionals who said they were unemployed for six months or …

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Kevin: Any QC inspector that works for the oil industry or construction projects makes more than 50K a year. Most of them do not have college degrees but are certified welding inspectors. This survey is very accurate for the oil and gas business where I am.
--Gerardo, 01-17-2012

I am, apparently, severely underpaid. Disappointing if true.
--Brian Turner, 12-13-2011

I agree with Allen in Indiana. I'm in Ohio and made way more in the late 90's at general electric than i do now. Where i'm standing, these salaries do not reflect whats happening in Cincinnati!
--Allen Owens, 12-07-2011

Back in 2000, I was making over 50K with a quality profession. Now, I am making over 100K per year as a manager in one of the Midwest cities. To me, the result is accurate enough.
--Sammie, 11-29-2011

--Aaron Curtis, 11-25-2011

Great info. To Kevin: I make over 50k and do not have a degree. I am only 28, but I do not see where I could be making 68k without a degree.
--Sam, 11-08-2011

I agree with Juan. Are they seriously saying someone without a diploma makes $50k? On what planet?
--Kevin, 10-31-2011

Very informative.
--Margaret ali, 10-19-2011

I'm curious as to where the salary data from Florida (Miami/Ft. Lauderdale) is comming from.
These values are NOT EVEN CLOSE to what is being offered in this particular market, let alone what the 'mean' salary is. If you are getting this data from actual members, they are grossly exaggerating their salaries; if getting this data from HR Departments, your being lied to.
Plus the salary corrections that has gone on in this economic slow-down is absolutely ridiculous.
I made more in 1987 in Boston than what I am getting paid now in Florida. This survey, to say the least is an joke!
--Juan Garcia, 10-12-2011

Encouraging results. I look forward to the full survey breakdown and analysis. It does little to pass value-judgements on such surveys without notion of the volume of respondants.
--Mike, 09-29-2011

Very nice analysis.
--Ramesh , 08-17-2011

Interesting piece of information. Thanks a million.
--Sudhir, 08-05-2011

Excellent source of information. We have plants in MS, MI, SC and VA, and it's nice to see what the average salary for quality professionals is so we have a target number to offer or adjust to retain our employees.
--Syed, 07-26-2011

Wow! Very educational. Can you advise on how to consult while working full time with a private firm? Thanks.
--Bukola Onikoro, 07-21-2011

Very interesting. How about differences in regions (California, South West, North West, etc.)?
--Joe, 06-24-2011

All I can say is these salaries aren't representative of Indiana. The pay is much lower!
--Allen Lahrman, 06-20-2011

It is very nice. Good source of information. Is this the highest or mean salary indicated?
--SUDHIR, 05-07-2011

Very interesting. I enjoyed the data tables.
--Teresa Pennington, 01-24-2011

Combining the mean (increased) with the median (stagnant), one can easily arrive at the conclusion that compensation for quality professionals mirrored that of the economy at large: The rich got richer.
--Nosybear, 12-07-2010

Thanks -- nice stuff.
Did you consider modeling salary by age as a square?
--Ken Johnson, 12-06-2010

Great research and analysis.

Any word on differences among ethnic groups? Any chance of conducting such a study or providing links? We especially need comparisons between minority and Caucasian women salaries for similar education levels and professions. Please respond. Thank you.
--Sal, 12-01-2010

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