Shining on the World Stage

Abstract:Prior to the 2010 International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) World Cup in South Africa, many Europeans and others expected poor quality performance. After the World Cup, FIFA president Joseph Sepp Blatter went so far as to suggest that South Africa could serve as an alternative site for future World Cups. The South African Quality Institute (SAQI) helped ensure the World Cup's 30 billion viewers would see the best South Africa had to offer. The SAQI used the World Cup as an opportunity to spread its message that quality is not just the purview of a quality department but a business imperative of an entire organization. The SAQI Web site saw a sevenfold increase in activity as preparations began for the event, and SAQI encouraged quality to be a concern for every organization involved in the event. One important concern was impressing the need for quality on small, medium and micro businesses such as the street vendors selling South Africa's trademark musical instrument, the …

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