Piston gage

Fluke Calibration’s PG9607 piston gage measures absolute and gage pressures up to 500 kPa.

The PG9607 piston gage is designed according to the National Measurement Institute’s requirements. It reduces sources of pressure uncertainty and provides 100g mass load to allow a wide range of pressure defined by a single piston-cylinder assembly and a 50 mm piston-cylinder design.

The PG9607 piston gage automatic mass-handling technology allows for unattended testing, establishes a better reference vacuum and improves long-term mass stability.

Compass calibration management software is offered to support complete test system automation without the need for custom programming.

Call: 602-431-9100.

E-mail: dhi@dhinstruments.com.


Moyno’s 2000 CC pump features a sealed gear-type universal joint drive train and rotor, and stator pumping-element geometry. The pump is designed to transfer abrasive, high-solids content materials and to handle radial and thrust loads.

Moyno’s 2000 CC pump is ideal for positive displacement sludge transfer, polymer transfer and dosing, chemical metering and transferring, and influent and effluent sampling.

All internal parts are interchangeable with other Moyno 2000 pumps for economical replacement parts inventory management.

Call: 877-486-6966.

Visit: www.moyno.com.

Mechanical syringes

InterTech Development Co.’s MicroPulse is a solid-state means of producing small, short pulses of various gases.

The compact MicroPulse contains a miniature heat exchanger and has precision temperature control that can be fitted into process control circuits without adding volume.

InterTech’s MicroPulse delivers gases up to 1.75scc/m at standard temperature and pressure. The required flow during the pulse period is automatically controlled through an 8-bit digital interface by a power line coupler or other external controller.

User can preset flow direction, volume or mass-flow pulses over a wide pressure range.

Overall accuracy and repeatability of 0.1% can be achieved over extended periods of fully automatic operation.

Call: 847-679-3377.

Visit: www.intertechdevelopment.com.


Software maker PQ Systems has released GAGEpack, gage calibration software for gage management and measurement systems analysis.

The software can maintain complete histories of measurement devices, instruments and gages. The software provides tools such as:

  • Calibration schedules and reports.
  • Alerts about failed and past due calibrations.
  • Gage location and status tracking.
  • Gage repair records and audit trail for traceability.

Other features include predictive searches through choice lists and ease in editing these lists. The choice list can be edited directly from the gage form.

Call: 800-777-2030.

E-mail: mark@pqsystems.com.

Ductless fume hoods

Air Science, the maker of self-contained fume filtration equipment, has introduced its Purair ECO line of energy-saving ductless fume hoods, designed for chemical and particulate protection over a broad range of laboratory and industrial applications.

The Purair ECO is available with a choice of controllers, including the company’s ECOair touchpad control with color display interface.

An optional BACnet network interface connects cabinet control, monitoring and alarm functions to an open-source facility monitoring system.

The Purair ECO is available in five standard sizes from 30-69 in. wide.

Call: 800-306-0656.

Visit: www.airscience.com.

Lugless closure

R&M Energy Systems, a manufacturer of oil well production and wellhead equipment, has introduced the Yale SafeGuard Figure 500 lugless closure for safe and reliable sealing of pipeline and vessel applications.

The Yale SafeGuard lugless closure uses a threaded closure cap with O-ring pressure seal design.

The lugless feature of the SafeGuard closure prevents safety risks associated with hammering on the closure cap lugs. It also addresses as well as the potential for damage to the closure that could hinder its sealing capability and shorten the service life of the closure.

The closure can be operated with a standard 24 or 36-inch pipe wrench.

Call: 936-890-1064.

Visit: www.rmenergy.com.

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