A Brand Says It All

Elevating the voices of ASQ members

What do you think about when you hear the words "Just do it," "Don’t leave home without it," or, a Milwaukee hometown favorite, "Less filling, tastes great"?

A brand should say it all. Yet, building a brand to sell shoes or beer is quite different than characterizing a membership association for people passionate about quality. The breadth and depth of what we envision when we say quality can be hard to wrap your arms, head and heart around, even to the most well-versed members of our community. Trying to encapsulate everything ASQ stands for to those outside of quality’s inner circle in a few words? It isn’t easy.

ASQ’s brand transformation, which kicks off this month, includes several key initiatives, one of which is the debut of ASQ’s new tag line: The Global Voice of Quality. You’ll see it on this month’s cover. Other aspects of the new brand include:

  • View from the Q: A blog hosted by ASQ Executive Director and Chief Strategic Officer, Paul Borawski, which covers a wide range of quality topics and trends. He will look to the global quality community to provide insight and comments about how quality is transforming the world via other "voices" in the form of blogs.
  • Adding New Voices: This month, select members will have the opportunity to nominate a colleague or friend to receive a six-month no-obligation membership. The initiative encourages ASQ members to grow ASQ’s network of diverse quality champions around the world.
  • Brand video: The ASQ brand video is the visual expression of what makes ASQ a great community. It reflects the inspiration and pride of its members, and is another effort to raise the voice of ASQ members.
  • World Quality Month: In November, ASQ joins other global organizations to celebrate the launch of World Quality Month.

More information about the brand initiative can be found at www.asq.org. Look for developments in the coming months that will expand and support the brand.

A guru is a mentor, a teacher, a visionary and a leader. In the history of quality, there have been many, making it difficult to craft a complete list (a fact verified by even a cursory web search). Even more difficult is trying to winnow it down to six. QP editors did just that as part of our "basics" issue, writing brief articles about the pioneers of our field. While by no means comprehensive, this "Guru Guide" offers a starting point for those just entering the field and, for others, serves as a reminder about how we got here.

Who did we miss? Let us know on this article’s web page at www.qualityprogress.com.

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Seiche Sanders

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