Konecranes’ Smarton smart crane features a two-transmitter intelligent radio control that allows the crane to relay condition information back to the operator. This allows technicians to troubleshoot the crane from the ground.

Smarton is particularly suited for steel applications, such as coil handling, roll shops, shipping bays and steel service centers. It is also ideal when retrofitting older mills. Maintenance points all on one side allow for easier accessibility and side approaches.

Call: 937-525-5676.

Visit: www.konecranesamericas.com.

Thermal imaging camera

The FTI-E 1000 camera from Land Instruments is suitable for high-temperature applications. Operating at 1µm, the camera combines high-resolution thermal imaging with temperature measurement.

The camera’s software enables real-time images and video to be captured. Also, the high-resolution detector array and precision optics resolve targets as small as 0.013 mm square.

The FTI-E 1000’s applications include steel concaster, boilers, cement kilns, pipe welding, glass furnaces, liquid metal, coating processes, wire mills and semiconductor crystal growth.

Call: 412-826-4444.

Visit: www.ametek-land.com.

Diagnostic modules

Dresser-Rand Group has announced two diagnostic modules for its Envision suite of condition monitoring software. The modules work individually or in tandem to provide information that helps increase machinery availability, improve productivity and reduce operating costs.

The compressor performance module provides operators with real-time and historical centrifugal compressor performance calculations. Users assess the compressor train’s performance relative to factory-determined performance maps, allowing operational and maintenance activities to be planned ahead of a required shutdown. The second module, health for journal bearings vibration analysis, aids in the early detection of incipient problems in rotating equipment.

The reporting tool allows users to select from multiple formats and graphs or to create trends from historical data. Alarms can be sent to designated e-mail addresses. All graphs, data and views are available remotely through a web-based interface running on a standard PC.

Call: 713-973-5497.

Visit: www.dresser-rand.com.

Compliance software

Accupoint Software has released InterLink integrated management software. The InterLink application helps companies streamline the administration of quality, environmental and safety compliance programs.

It was created specifically for small to medium-sized manufacturing companies. Smaller companies have the same quality and regulatory requirements as large organizations, but they do not have the same resources and budget.

The software’s features include consolidated reports and analysis, a closed-loop system to meet compliance mandates, and process accelerators to shorten implementation timelines, speed deployment and increase return on investment.

Call: 330-519-3417.

Visit: www.accupointsoftware.com.


Algorithms Group’s Fortran Builder 5.2 is designed for quality engineers performing data-intensive design and analysis modeling. This release features implementation of the latest Fortran 2003 standard and an integrated development environment.

The Fortran Builder 5.2 is for the MS Windows environment and provides a Fortran-aware editor, build system, graphical user-interface debugger and help system for Fortran.

Call: 773-862-6800.

Visit: www.nag.com.

Protective suit

Dräger’s CPS 5900 garment has been designed to meet requirements for protective clothing and offers additional comfort for firefighters and industrial users. The CPS 5900 is approved to the National Fire Protection Association 1994 standards and complies with the Safety of Life at Sea Convention requirements for use on seagoing vessels. The CPS 5900 also meets European requirements for protective clothing for industrial applications and fire brigades.

The chemical protective suit is made of Zytron 500. Each seam is sewn and hot-air taped internally and externally. The suit is compatible with various types of personal protective equipment, including a closed-circuit breathing apparatus. Available in five sizes, it is designed to fit male and female users and has an integrated waist belt.

Other features include a flexible and foldable scratch-resistant visor, a wideside entry with zipper fastener and integrated gas-tight socks with boot flaps.

E-mail: burkard.dillig@draeger.com.

Visit: www.draeger.com.

Inspection software

Verisurf has released Verisurf X software with model-based geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) inspection technology. This computer-aided inspection and reverse engineering software inspects parts without the need for 2D drawings.

GD&T data can be imported from or created on 3D computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing models. Verisurf’s 3D feature scan technology automates the collection of discrete inspection points on 3D CAD models.

The database writes feature formats and writes inspection information to statistical process control applications. The auto-inspection planning tool automatically calculates composite positional tolerances. The updated measure module has assembly guidance arrows with a resizable digital readout panel.

Call: 714-349-7976.

E-mail: will@wholeproduct.com.

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