Word Power

Abstract:A practical guide helps quality professionals choose the correct wording to clarify their communications and encourage recipients to take corrective action. The 12 tips focus on written communication related to auditing, consulting, and training in the area of management systems. Following these tips gets the point across quickly and helps turn a potentially confusing situation into a successful …

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Excellent advice for reviews with upper-level management.
--Emily, 01-26-2011

Excellent post! Informative and needed for this time with globalization going high. :)
--Ashok Gunasekaran, 01-03-2011

Well structured, very nice presentation, contains useful advice that will enhance the level of the auditors' reports that follow these guidelines. Congratulations!
--Gheorghe Bogdan Azamfirei, 11-29-2010

Most useful and simple for developing good communication skills as quality champion.
--Jaydeep, 11-19-2010

The article followed its own advice and was clear and concise, in addition to being useful.
--Steve Andruski, 10-26-2010

Very informative 12-point guide.
--Tejesh, 10-22-2010

Very good article.
--Heqerem Ametlli, 10-13-2010

Examples are easy to understand.
--Tanny Calapardo, 10-11-2010

Nice article reminding me to pause and think before speaking.
--Denice Wroe, 10-11-2010

Es una interesante propuesta a renovar conceptos, usos y costumbres que sin perder la objetividad de las observaciones cambia el cristal con que se mira. Muy bueno.
--Hugo Walter Peña, 10-09-2010

Great stuff for corporate communicators - particularly during these days of depression.
--NS Pillai, 10-08-2010

Very informative and user friendly.
--Sharyn Mlinar, 10-08-2010

Good points to practice in all aspects of business communication.
--Norman Schultz, 10-08-2010

Excellent advice on clear written communication for all.
--Martha Nelson, 10-08-2010

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