Certified reference material

Starna Scientific’s calibration and reference material manufacturing laboratory has extended the Starna range of certified reference materials (CRMs).

The CRMs are necessary for ISO/IEC- accredited laboratories, pharmaceutical quality assurance and control groups or metrology departments to acquire operational performance qualifications of ultraviolet/visible/near-infrared instrumentation using industry-standard protocols.

Starna is accredited to ISO Guide 34 and ISO/IEC 17025 in the ultraviolet/visible/near-infrared spectral range. The CRMs extend the scope of available materials for spectral range, bandwidth and photometric linearity.

Call: 800-228-4482.

Visit: www.starna.com.

Digital indicator

The VWI multifunction digital indicator from Load Cell Central provides a solution for a variety of applications, including force monitoring, bench and floor scales. It is ideal for basic and precise weighing tasks and has been designed for strain- gage load cells of all capacities.

The VWI will drive up to four 350-ohm cells and has an internal 400,000-count resolution.

Other features include six function keys, a backlit LCD six-digit display and a rugged enclosure.

Call: 800-562-3235.

Visit: www.800loadcel.com.

Weighing solution

Vishay Precision Group (VPG) has released a full range of high-speed weighing solutions for the packing machine industry. VPG Transducers feature damped load cells and load cells specifically designed for rotary filling applications.

Model 9010 and 240 damped load cells feature adjustable viscous damping for shorter settling times and faster machine cycles.

The model 1430 load cell is designed to reduce weighing errors resulting from dynamic forces occurring on rotary liquid filling machines.

The sealed stainless steel construction of the 1430 provides safe operation in applications in caustic or heavy wash-down environments.

Call: 919-374-5515.

Visit: www.vishaypg.com.

Mechanical seals

EagleBurgmann has unveiled DiamondFaces, a microcrystalline diamond coating for mechanical seals developed to provide wear protection in conditions of dry-running, mixed-friction and abrasive media.

A DiamondFaces microcrystalline coating of 8 µm thickness on a silicon carbide seal face extends the life of the seal, which reduces maintenance costs and minimizes lifecycle costs for pump users.

The coating allows for several hours of dry-running periods without excessive heat build-up.

Mechanical seals with DiamondFaces coating are ideal for applications in the oil, gas, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, refineries, building services and abrasive media.

Call: 713-939-9091.

E-mail: andy.martin@us.eagleburgmann.com.

Portable survey tool

Herzan has released the WaveCatcher, a site survey tool that measures vibration and acoustic noise levels.

The WaveCatcher is a portable system that integrates a compact computer and analysis software with a data-conversion unit, and vibration and acoustic sensors.

The WaveCatcher can be used by scientific researchers, instrument makers, product testers and facility managers. It can go right from the lab to the production floor.

E-mail: sales@herzan.com.

Visit: www.herzan.com/wavecatcher.html.

Wireless data nodes

Onset has released HOBO ZW Series, a group of wireless data nodes for centralized monitoring of energy use and environmental conditions in buildings.

The HOBO ZW Series data nodes reduce the cost and complexity of data collection by measuring, recording and transmitting real-time energy use and environmental data to a central PC.

The wireless data nodes can measure temperature, relative humidity, kilowatt hours, CO2, AC voltage, amps and gauge pressure. The HOBOware Pro 3.0 software is included and offers a network map feature that provides an at-a-glance view of your network, allowing data to be exported to MS Excel and other spreadsheet programs. Other features include alarm notifications that can be sent via text messaging to your cell phone and an email to your PC.

Call: 508-743-3181.

Visit: www.onsetcomp.com.

Monitoring system

Quality engineers in the pharmaceutical industry or similarly regulated industries who seek continuous monitoring systems specifically geared for larger enterprises can consider the viewLinc 3.5 from Veriteq as an option.

The viewLinc 3.5 system provides continuous records, 24/7 alarming and automated reporting. The system monitors temperature, relative humidity, CO2, differential pressure and door switches.

The viewLinc 3.5 features updates for more than 1,000 sensors, alarm scheduling, zone security for customized access and viewing, and web-based access.

It also ensures gap-free data recording with triple redundancy: point-of-measurement, host server and automatic data transfers.

Call: 800-683-8374.

Visit: www.vaisala.com.

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