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Abstract:Although ISO 9001 has been in effect for more than 20 years, many organizations have not taken advantage of its benefits because they are unsure of how to implement it and believe it will be too costly and disruptive. But now many of these organizations are reconsidering and are looking for guidance. Easy-to-follow guidelines provide information on what implementation entails, all types of system documentation, methods of gathering and managing data, how to make necessary administrative changes, and costs …

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From 1987 we have had better results and the system is more strong but is necesary to give more support with the new ISO versions
--SANCHEZ, 04-22-2014

Thanks John to share your knowledge and expertise. I fully agree with you, just remark the importance of the human factor in the QMS, from the higher organization level to the lower one because "We all make the Quality"
--Carl Villa, 04-03-2014

Great! I have appreciated particularly the hints and suggestions for the specific departments (HR, purchasing ,...). Thanks!
--Marina, 03-25-2014

Employee engagement is a hot topic these days and this article helps to explain how to implement employee engagement that can help with continuous improvements to the organization or business. Good job!
--Meredith, 03-02-2014

It's really something we all should understand and apply, specially from where I belong (Pakistan), here its all commercial not planned.
--Mirza Faisal Hussain, 02-26-2014

Well framed and captured. Thanks!
--Rohini, 02-26-2014

I was asked recently to assist an affiliated company that was registered to ISO 9001:2008. This is a small company, and an RAB-accredited auditor acted as a consultant and developed its QMS, after which another of its buddies did an external audit. The management structure was recently changed, and the new VP asked me to help him understand how this company could be ISO 9001:2008-certified, as he saw no value in the quality manual. The consultant had barely satisfied the standard, did some generic process mapping and the required procedures, and that was good enough to pass an audit. I was amazed! I think the new approach of the ISO standard being nonprescriptive like its earlier 1994 version has given these unscrupulous practitioners the ability to commodify it and sell it ... hence, all the templates and cut-and-paste stuff out there. This is a great article, and I agree with all aspects of it. It's a refreshing view and one I am a proponent of.
--Desmond Mahadeo, 11-29-2010

I agree with Kerrie. One of the best articles I have read. Particularly important when you see off-the-shelf quality systems ('type your company's name here'). This article at least gets people on the right track from the start.
--Darryl Yaniuk, 11-08-2010

Excellent article. Relevant. One of the best I've read.
--Kerrie Anne Christian, 10-29-2010

I am involved in establishing an ISO 9001 QMS at an electric utility and recently received registration status for one of our Distribution Areas. I find the article quite to the point, and it more or less covered the process we adopted. I will recommend this article to others.

--Israiell Ali , 10-11-2010

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