Wafer-handling system

The Olympus AL120 wafer-handling system transfers wafers with thicknesses as small as 90µm to meet the demands of thin-wafer manufacturing. The new system offers 360° rotation for full macro examination of the wafer’s back surface and edges.

The tool can be programmed for different configurations, including specific cassette types, wafer specifications and transfer speeds. Operators can load different products instantly. The AL120 can be adapted for smaller-diameter wafers and used with non-Olympus microscope models on a custom basis.

The AL120 wafer handler accepts wafers 100-200 mm in diameter. It also can be integrated with the full line of Olympus MX dedicated wafer inspection microscopes and used in many observation methods.

The AL120 meets the needs of semiconductor manufacturers by reducing wafer contamination, increasing throughput and improving overall yield.

Call: 484-896-5213.

E-mail: jennifer.wrigley@olympus.com.

Flat encoder

Numerik Jena has released the Kit L4 encoder, a minimum configuration of a length-measuring system to use in situations in which installation space is limited. This flat encoder allows for wide mounting tolerances and pre-alignment of the measuring module.

Typical fields of application for the Kit L4 are instruments and machines used in the microelectronic industry, precision devices and medical systems. The Numerik Jena Kit L4 encoder offers a resolution of up to 50 nm, a measuring speed of 10 m per second and an absolute accuracy of 1µm per meter.

The scale tape of the Kit L4 is available in two versions: A Singleflex scale tape is used in more basic applications in which thermal expansion behavior is the same as steel, and a Doubleflex scale tape is designed for applications with higher accuracy requirements and measuring lengths more than 100 mm.

Call: 847-490-0387.

Visit: www.numerikjena.de.

Ceramic material

Morgan Technical Ceramics has unveiled Nilcra PSZ, an advanced ceramic material used in industries, such as materials handling, oil, gas, chemical, metal forming, and pulp and paper. Components made from Nilcra PSZ feature high mechanical strength and fracture toughness.

Nilcra PSZ is a ceramic alloy of high-purity zirconium and magnesium oxides with a carefully controlled microstructure. This microstructure results in a material-toughening mechanism called transformation toughening. Nilcra PSZ has comparable thermal expansion to steel and can be used in place of hardened steel and metal alloy components.

Nilcra PSZ is available in components of up to 20 in. in diameter and 24 in. in length, with cross sections of up to 4 in. It is also comes in two grades: Nilcra MS Grade PSZ for the majority of applications in which maximum strength is required, and Nilcra TS Grade PSZ where higher thermal shock resistance is necessary.

Call: 800-433-0638.

Visit: www.morgantechnicalceramics.com.

SWIR imaging

Navitar has released the OptiStar lenses to meet advancements in shortwave infrared (SWIR) technology. The lenses’ rugged design offers enhanced image quality, better transmission and performance from the visible spectrum into the shortwave infrared region.

OptiStar lenses function in wavelengths of 500-1,700nm, with 90% +/- 5% transmission across the range. The OptiStar lenses will depict better images in dark or nighttime environments. They are ideal for a variety of applications in which SWIR cameras are used, such as perimeter surveillance, tollway monitoring, border and port security, quality control and aerial imaging.

Call: 585-359-4000.

Visit: www.navitar.com.

Digital caliper

Mahr Federal has enhanced its MarCal digital calipers line to feature lapped guideways, a reference system that retains the zero position setting, and an increased number of product options and accessories.

MarCal digital calipers are available with protection against dust and immersion to class IP67. They also provide increased battery life, offer a range of data output options and are available in a range of sizes and blade and anvil configurations.

The reference system available on MarCal R-designated digital calipers is designed to save time for operators. Unlike older models, which require the zero position to be reset whenever the caliper is switched on, the MarCal reference system retains the zero setting so the unit is ready to measure when it is turned on or the jaws are moved.

Call: 800-343-2050.

Visit: www.mahr.com.

Measurement system

Micro-Vu has introduced the Sol Vision System, a measurement system bridging the gap between manual video machines and automated multi-sensor coordinate measuring machines. The Sol is used primarily for dimensional measurement and inspection of medical devices, precision machined parts, precision plastics, electronics, LCD and solar applications.

The Sol features a programmable 19.5x zoom, programmable multi-segment lighting, 6.5x optical magnification, 3x digital magnifcation, nonlinear calibration of the stage, nonlinear calibration of the optics, lights calibration and part programming compatibility.

The system uses a digital, high-resolution color camera. Live video images and measurement data can be easily captured and transmitted. The interface provides click-and-drag control of full, ring, sector and segment lighting to enhance difficult-to-see features on customer parts.

Call: 707-838-6272.

Visit: www.microvu.com.

Compressed air filter

Finite Filter’s stainless steel compressed air filters protect sensitive equipment and instruments from dirt, water and oil usually found in compressed air and other gases.

Coalesced liquid drips off the filter cartridges to drains as additional contamination enters the filters, allowing them to remove liquids without the loss of efficiency or flow capacity. The filters are constructed out of 304-grade stainless steel and can withstand harsh environments.

Call: 248-628-6400.

Visit: www.parker.com/finitefilter.

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