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Abstract:ISO standards, whether they involve environmental, quality, or security management systems, require organizations to identify and assess threats and their associated risks. In addition, managers must also identify courses of action (COA) to eliminate or mitigate those risks. By modeling the impact of potential COAs, risk assessment becomes risk management. Preparing a spreadsheet customized for the organization can provide an efficient tool to identify and quantify threats to the organization’s operation and at the same time validate the robustness of ISO standards …

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This article appears to be useful as I gain skills to move forward with additional employment skills.
--Margaret Wright, 01-12-2013

Please read.
--Jorge Bosquez, 08-26-2010

This is a great article about risk management. However, I believe it is missing one important, aspect especially for top management. When it comes to risk and risk management, I think it is critical to include financial data to catch management attention. I would definitely add financial impact/loss to the graphs, and what the expected expenditures are to mitigate these risks.
--Sulaiman AL Neyadi, 08-25-2010

The more written about risk management the better. It is the best means to proactively reduce problems. Look out for a new ISO standard (ISO 15504 part 9) that relates risk to process capability that I hope to see published in 2011.
--Han van Loon, 08-14-2010

This is an outstanding article about establishing risk assessment to risk management. It is an excellent explanation of the "how to" for risk assessment communicated in ISO 9001:2008. I will definitely use it to revise my risk assessment procedure for my company.
--Peter Edwards, 08-09-2010

The correct year edition of ISO 14001 is 2004.
It is a pity that the author has not based his text on the new ISO 31000:2009 - Risk management - Principles and guidelines, and ISO Guide 73:2009 - Risk management - Vocabulary.
The author missed a great opportunity to disseminate among quality professionals concepts and ideas that were widely discussed and approved by the international community over the past five years.

--Francesco de Cicco, 08-09-2010

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