Intelligrated’s Alvey GS100 series of palletizers are capable of speeds of up to 30 cases per minute. They are suited for large, multi-line palletizing projects or smaller operations interested in converting from manual to automatic palletizing for ergonomic or labor-saving reasons. The series is ideal for a variety of applications, including food, beverage, consumer goods and general manufacturing. It features a compact, modular design with a small footprint for facilities with limited floor space.

Operators can create, store and change patterns using the palletizer’s pattern utility function and touchscreen operator interface terminal. The Alvey GS100 series includes: the Alvey GS120 low-speed palletizer with manual pallet handling, the Alvey GS130 low-speed palletizer with semi-automated pallet handling and the Alvey GS140 low-speed palletizer with fully automated pallet handling.

Call: 866-936-7300.

Visit: www.intelligrated.com.

Hot melt glue gun

PAM Fastening Technology has introduced an updated version of its high-temperature hot melt glue gun designed for use with polyamides, polyesters and other high-temperature adhesives. Available in an extrusion model, the HB 710 HT hot melt applicator can be used in dot or bead applications. The applicator is ideal for use in several industries, including asphalt shingle manufacture, automotive and electrical components.

The HB 710 HT features an ergonomically shaped handle to help eliminate fatigue and a single-handed lid closure and lock mechanism. High-temperature insulation and specially designed nozzles maintain desired temperature throughout the operation. The gun’s integrated digital temperature and control feature ensures temperature accuracy within +/- 2° F and continuously adjusts the temperature from 104° to 482°F to meet required application requirements.

Call: 704-394-3141.

Visit: www.pamfast.com.

Embossing technology

Uni-Pixel’s UniBoss is an embossing technology that enables high-speed, low-cost production of printed electronic devices. The technology eliminates the need for photolithography or screen printing typically required to produce fine line conductors for rigid and flexible electronic devices.

Potential applications for UniBoss include the production of transparent electrically conductive grids or patterns that can be used for capacitive and resistive touch and multi-touch displays. The process can be used to fabricate flexible and rigid printed circuit boards, radio frequency identification antennas, transparent electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interface shielding films.

Call: 925-336-9592.

Visit: www.unipixel.com.

CNC honing system

Sunnen’s SV-500 Series vertical computer numerically controlled (CNC) honing system allows creation of whole-bore, constant crosshatch and tapered bores. The machine is ideal for profile machining of diesel cylinder-liner bores to manufacturers specifications. Bore profile display and tool-control technology allow the operator to achieve the desired bore shape, surface crosshatch angle or near-elimination of crosshatch.

The SV-500 series is available with a stroke length up to 60 in., and the spindle handles bores of 300 mm in diameter or larger. Capabilities include custom bore profiles, automatic geometry correction and auto-dwell for bore straightness, which is ideal for blind bores. The open-base design allows for the pass-through of large parts and makes the machine adaptable for parallel manufacturing in a lean environment.

Call: 314-781-2100.

E-mail: bdavis@sunnen.com.


The Ortec Products Group has released AlphaVision version 5.5 software to coincide with the introduction of the Alpha Suite series of alpha spectrometers for radiation counting laboratories.

AlphaVision 5.5 provides flexibility in sample handling and analysis choices through a scheme of "set and forget templates." This means batches of similar samples are dealt with as simply as possible with the minimum possibility of transcription errors. AlphaVision 5.5 is able to manage up to 256 samples from one computer.

Call: 865-482-4411.

Visit: www.ortec-online.com.

Explosion-proof lights

Larson Electronics Magnalight has announced explosion-proof metal halide lights for use in hazardous location areas. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires the use of explosion-proof lighting in confined spaces and other areas where there is a continuous presence of flammable vapors.

The EPL-24QP light fixture features stout tubular aluminum legs and non-slip aluminum foot pads. The EPL-24QP’s 400 W explosion-proof metal halide light covers a large area and is ideal for cleaning tanks, plant turnarounds and other maintenance efforts in which permanent mounted explosion-proof lighting is unavailable.

The EPL-TP-2X70 explosion-proof tripod mounted metal halide light series offers a wheeled tripod or wheeled telescoping cart support for two 70 W explosion-proof metal halide lights. The EPL-TP-2X70 series is portable, and the wheeled base enables operators to tip the 8 ft. tall lights backward and roll them into a new position.

Call: 800-369-6671.

Visit: www.magnalight.com.

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