Odor identifying system

Microanalytics has developed an approach for identifying the source of industrial odors. It can help guide strategies for neutralizing them.

The AromaTrax system has the capability of separating each chemical compound and delivering it to an odor "sniff port." A human analyst, or "nose," then evaluates each compound by grading its intensity and identifying its odor characteristic. The end result is a way to characterize and identify critical odors.

The technology is suitable for researching odor issues in solid, liquid or gas samples.

Call: 763-493-7231.

Visit: www.offodor.com.

Robotic order picking

Axium’s robotic order-picking solution, the MP900, is a fully automated solution for packing complete mixed-load cases. The system uses a series of robots, project planning software and conveyors to custom pack mixed product into various cases, boxes or totes.

Customers’ orders are analyzed, and the correct container is automatically released into the system. When the container is presented to the robot, the software tells the robot which products are to be placed in what position.

The system allows manufacturers to improve working conditions and reduce shipping costs and errors.

Used or recycled packaging can be re-introduced into the system, reducing new packaging inventory. The MP900 system is ideal for applications in food, beverage and consumer goods distribution centers

Call: 514-352-0500.

Visit: www.axiumsolutions.com.

Infrared linescanners

Land Instruments’ LSP-HD infrared line-scanner scans 1,000 data points up to and including 150 Hz. It features rugged, compact housing and a robust, sapphire viewing window.

The LSP-HD is designed to operate in harsh industrial environments and across temperature ranges. It’s suitable for industrial applications, including steel making, glass manufacturing, metals processing and bulk materials handling.

Call: 412-826-4444.

Visit: www.landinst.com.

Measuring mass spectrometer

Spectro Analytical Instruments has introduced a fully simultaneous measuring mass spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma. The Spectro MS simultaneously records the elemental spectrum between lithium and uranium for analysis.

In addition to research laboratories, simultaneous mass spectrometry can also be used in environmental, chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories and precious-metal processors and refineries.

New applications can be developed with the option to examine isotope ratios together with the instrument’s ability to transfer the precision of the isotope ratio analysis to the quantitative determination of element contents using isotope dilution. In this way, geology laboratories will be able to more accurately characterize samples.

Call: 201-642-3000.

E-mail: mark.grey@ametek.com.


Elysium’s CADdoctor SX is a translation and geometry optimization tool for 3D computer-aided design (CAD) data users who work in smaller supplier and manufacturing shops.

The features of each suite within CADdoctor SX include the Trans suite used for translation, the FEM suite for finite element modeling, the Mold suite for tool and moldmaking and the RE suite for reverse engineering.

Call: 401-272-1510.

Visit: www.elysiuminc.com.

Tracker system

InterTech Development’s component tracker system integrates bar coding, scanning and software tracking of each part and batch. This includes all leak test, functional test and lifecycle test data related to each component. The system is suitable for quality engineers seeking ways to collect and archive test data for product lifecycle test data.

The component tracker system provides full traceability in the event of product recalls. It also provides data for process optimization to streamline production and storage of all test data at each production stage for statistical process control data that underlies most quality assurance systems and full ISO 9001 compliance.

For added traceability, a laser marking system can be integrated with the bar code label system.

Call: 847-679-3377.

Visit: www.intertechdevelopment.com.

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