Epoxy resin

Impco’s Imseal-800 seals visible porosity in castings and other metal parts. It permanently fills blowholes, cracks and other defects in situations where welding or brazing would be impractical. The clear sealant is ideal for laminating, potting and encapsulating. The sealed area is pressure-tight and can be drilled, tapped, machined and processed.

Imseal-800 comes in a premeasured packet. The epoxy and activator are mixed before the packet is opened, and the packaging itself can be used as the applicator. It cures at room temperature or can be accelerated by heat. It has a Rockwell hardness of 97, a tensile strength of 9,000 psi, a compressive strength of 35,000 psi and a compressive yield of 16,500 psi.

Call: 401-521-2490.

Visit: www.impco-inc.com.

Inspection probes

Renishaw’s RLP40 and OLP40 inspection probes offer a choice of signal transmission technologies—radio or optical. Measuring 40 x 58.3 mm, the probes provide unidirectional repeatability of 1µm. Both designs are hardened and sealed to withstand extreme environments typical of lathes and turning centers. An eyelid protection system prevents entry of chips that could damage the probe’s internal parts.

The RLP40 probe and its interface continually hop from one transmission channel to another, delivering signal robustness and flexibility through frequency switching. Radio transmission allows communication between the probe and the interface, even when line of sight is lost. The OLP40 uses modulated optical transmission for high resistance to light interference, and its 360º transmission system allows the probe to operate in any orientation.

A wide range of shanks is available, including parallel and tapered designs, for flexibility when mounting the probes in a lathe or turning center turret.

Call: 847-286-9953.

Visit: www.renishaw.com.

Self-regulating heating cable

EasyHeat has introduced SR Trace, a self-regulating heating cable that varies its heat output with changes in the surrounding temperature. Because of the self-regulating feature, it can be safely wrapped over itself when installed on pipes, valves or flanges.

SR Trace cables provide freeze protection for plastic or metal pipes and vessels at temperatures as low as -40º F. The cables will also maintain liquids in pipes at a constant temperature to prevent degradation of the liquid or to preserve required viscosity for flow conditions.

SR Trace cables feature tinned copper bus wires, a copper ground braid, a flame-retardant thermoplastic elastomer jacket and a modified polyolefin over jacket. They are available in power densities of 3, 5 and 8 watts per foot at 50º F.

Call: 800-537-4732.

Visit: www.easyheat.com.

Magnifying lamp

The Daylight Co. has released the ESD Ultra Slim Magnifying Lamp, which provides protection against static electricity and electrostatic discharge (ESD). The lamp features 28 W efficiency with the combined power of a 7 in.-wide glass magnifying lens, 1.5 in. diopter swing arm lens, 6,500 Kelvin light spectrum and super magnification.

The entire lamp is fully grounded and has special dissipative materials to remove static charges and prevent buildup of static electricity. This lamp helps solve one of the biggest problems facing manufacturers, testing agencies, repair facilities and other industrial users: how to work in environments that are prone to ESD.

Call: 212-687-1765.

Visit: http://us.daylightcompany.com.

Mini parallel gripper

Techno-Sommer Automatic has expanded its MGP800 series line of mini parallel grippers with flat guides. The grippers are designed for use in smaller electronic or medical applications, assembly and multiple pick-and-place applications. They are available in eight different sizes.

The MGP800 series uses a hardened steel flat guide to ensure maximum force and movement resistance. The grippers have up to 400 N grip force and a range of 1-12 mm stroke per jaw. Magnetic sensors can be mounted to sense the jaw position allowing for positive feedback.

Call: 800-819-3366.

Visit: www.techno-sommer.com.

Internal and external connectors

FasTest TwistMate internal and external connectors feature stainless steel construction for durability and corrosion resistance. TwistMate connectors provide a seal that is a leak-tight connection to threaded pipe without the use of wrenches and thread sealants. They are ideal for a range of applications, including filling, flushing, plugging, calibrating and venting.

TwistMate connectors are twisted onto the mating thread profile by hand. When the system is pressurized with air, gas or hydraulic pressure, the main seal is pressed against the test piece, and the connector automatically seals. The internal piston action maintains the seal with minimum pressure.

Depending on the model, TwistMate connectors are rated for pressures up to 10,000 psi. The broad standard offering includes sizes from 1/8 to 3 in. national pipe taper.

Call: 800-444-2373.

Visit: www.fastestinc.com.

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