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Abstract:The balanced scorecard (BSC) is an accepted cyclic, continuous improvement business tool with which to disperse an organization’s strategy throughout the organization. When coupled with lean, Six Sigma, and the theory of constraints, BSC can create a cohesive unit that can change an organization’s culture and achieve its strategic …

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Very interesting article that introduces a concept that is a marked deviation from the existing disparate (if I may say so) methodologies. Embedding LSSTOC into a comprehensive BSC program will provide more granularity in performance levels and greater clarity of problem areas, which can then easily be dealt with to improve overall effectiveness in the functioning of the organization.
--Harish Narayanan, 06-11-2010

Very good article. This helps to provide the missing link as my organization works to align CPI/LSS projects with strategic priorities. Understanding how to create the BSC so it is all working together, the leaders can see this is what we aim to do. Excellent article, and the information is very well explained. Thank you!
--Karin Warner, 06-08-2010

An excellent aticle. This is the first time I've come across an article linking BSC with LSS, TOC and continuous improvement. The clarity of explanation is so good that anybody can understand the links between various tools easily.
--Viswanathan Ramesh, 06-07-2010

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