Abstract:Retailers face many quality issues as they try to provide quality goods and services to customers. Unable to rely on national brands to ensure product quality or delivery through the supply chain, many companies manufacture their own store brands or rebrand private label goods. Discount merchandiser Target Corp. is one retailer that stresses quality and has created groups to play a critical role in supply chain activities. Target’s efforts to ensure quality throughout a continuously changing network of supply chain participants are revealed in an interview with the manager of quality assurance for Target Compliance and Production Services. Target’s proactive global engagement strategy ensures its quality mandate throughout its supply chain …

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A very well-written article that provides substantive guidelines on how an organization like Target can assure quality in the products they sell through use of quality tools. It is revealing to see how they minimize variability through use of statistical methods, including statistical process control. Overall, a very good article about a very good quality business.
--K.S. Krishnamoorthi, 06-24-2010

Managing large supply chains well is a challenge for many organizations...commercial and government. The insights provided in this article are very helpful.
--Ron Marafioti, 06-11-2010

If you take care of a customer's quality expectations, he takes care of you, your business and your market share. How true it is.
--Subramania Kannan, 06-10-2010

I was totally impressed with the commitment to quality.
--Connie Stanton, 06-08-2010

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