Displacement pumps

Viking Pump has expanded its line of high-pressure positive displacement pumps with the SG series. The SG series offers 29 displacements, with pressures to 500 psi standard. Some offer pressures up to 2,500 psi. All pumps operate at up to four motor speeds and feature either foot bracket or close-coupled motor mounts.

The SG series of pumps are capable of handling liquids from 1 to 250,000 cSt viscosity. These cast and ductile iron pumps are applicable for fuels, lube oils, adhesives, polyurethanes, heat transfer liquids, edible oils, solvents and general chemical applications. Viking offers a broad range of bearing, porting, clearance, sealing and drive options to match the pump to the application.

E-mail: info.viking@indexcorp.com.

Visit: www.vikingpump.com.

Concrete construction vibrators

Cleveland Vibrator Co. has released the UH, UHVM and VGVM concrete construction vibrators. Each model delivers linear vibration with either impact or air-cushioned pistons for reduced noise levels.

The UH and UHVM vibrators are made for bins, hoppers, chutes, concrete forms and anywhere else a permanently mounted vibrator can impede production. These models are available in 1¼ or 2 in. diameter piston versions. Each model has adjustable high-frequency vibration for maximum efficiency.

The VGVM vibrators are lightweight and portable. They attach to any structural member on concrete forms, and the serrated jaws secure firmly on metal or wood. Frequency and amplitude are controlled by adjusting the air supply.

Call: 800-221-3298.

Visit: www.clevelandvibrator.com.

Machining cell

Methods Machine Tools has released the RoboDrill Med Cell, a completely pre-engineered, fully integrated production machining cell that automates loading and unloading of medical device parts. The Fanuc RoboDrill Machining Center is at the core of the system. The Med Cell has full 5-axis machining capability and is ideal for medical machining applications, including short-run production of parts in a variety of materials from stainless steel to titanium.

The Med Cell enables different parts to be mounted on the same universal chuck base for versatility. It is configured to handle any part that will fit in its 6 in. vise or chuck. The workpiece is pallet mounted, ensuring parts remain aligned when moved through other production operations. The Med Cell incorporates a compact, custom-engineered drop trunnion rotary table that positions the table faceplate close to the RoboDrill table surface, providing rigidity and accuracy.

Call: 978-443-5388.

Visit: www.methodsmachine.com.

Video microscope

The Luxxor video microscope from Gradient Lens can be used as a microscope and as a microscope with a borescope. The zoom lens delivers close-up, exterior views of any object placed on the microscope’s 15 x 10 in. table. The light-emitting diode provides illumination, and the high column height allows the viewing of objects up to 16 in.

Additionally, many types of borescopes can be mounted with an optional adapter, allowing high-quality, close-up and internal inspection.

This video microscope conducts internal and external inspection by capturing video or still images. The metrology feature allows for accurate measurement. The Luxxor also documents, stores and e-mails data results.

Call: 800-536-0790.

Visit: www.gradientlens.com.

Digital gage

Ono Sokki’s EG-225 digital indicator is a multipurpose inch/metric switchable gage used for a variety of applications. It can be used as a bench-top unit or for in-line measurement.

The EG-225 is directly interchangeable with existing mechanical gages, and the compact design ensures installation into most fixtures. The EG-225 performs accurate measurements to 0.00005 in. throughout its 1 in. measuring range.

The indicator feature allows users to simultaneously obtain maximum, minimum and range values with one rotation. This unit also has an adjustable measuring force for measuring fragile and soft compressible materials requiring low pressure. A variety of measurement capabilities are provided to satisfy most applications.

Call: 800-922-7174.

Visit: www.onosokki.net.

Camera image enhancement

Sensors Unlimited has introduced two cameras with advanced imaging enhancements that expand the dynamic range of short-wave infrared (SWIR) imagery. The indium gallium arsenide SWIR SU320KTX and the SU640KTSX cameras feature the ability to automatically compensate for variations in light levels that may differ by up to five orders of magnitude. This increase in dynamic range addresses the demand for improved imaging and surveillance in military, medical and commercial applications.

The cameras’ SWIR technology provides an advantage by detecting reflected light at wavelengths the human eye cannot see, providing real-time daylight-to-low-light imaging. This makes these imagers ideal for surveillance, laser detection, emission microscopy, imaging spectroscopy, astronomy and imaging through fog, dust and smoke.

Sensors Unlimited’s cameras provide the highest sensitivity available in the SWIR 0.9 to 1.7 micron spectrum. The optional NIR/SWIR models extend the range of operation down to 0.7 and up to 1.7 microns.

Call: 609-520-0610.

Visit: www.sensorsinc.com.

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