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Abstract:Brewer MillerCoors used statistical analysis to evaluate its distribution system and help make better business decisions. The company identified seven key quality measures, and after collecting data from more than 500 distributors, used a simple statistical idea to create a basic distributor performance ranking. Knowledge gained from the analysis enabled the company to determine where to spend resources in order to gain higher quality and increase sales. Sidebar articles explain the use of z-scores for transforming data into standard units and the use of random …

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I was surprised to see the application of simple parametric statistics to data that appears to be more suited to non-parametric analysis. So I had trouble understanding the application of the normal standard deviation rather than the standard deviation of percentages. Also, the transforming of some samples and not others to achieve symmetry strikes me as more problematic than treating all the data the same way and using distribution free methods.
--GBHeyes, 04-30-2010

Now if they'd only improve their beer....
--Nosybear, 04-09-2010

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