Wireless recorder

The Eagle power quality (PQ) wireless recorders from Power Monitors are digital recorders that monitor real-time PQ data and download it remotely. They measure 5-3/8" x 2-3/8" x 1-13/16" and weigh less than 1 lb. each.

The Eagle all-weather recorder remotely downloads data to selected Palm PDAs or Bluetooth-equipped laptops. The Eagle recorder can access PQ data being recorded behind a locked security fence in a transformer buried underground, or from restricted areas where distribution voltages pose a safety hazard to crews.

The Eagle features 4MB of memory that can be downloaded for a detailed analysis when needed. You can also download the data to your PC using a standard USB connection.

Call: 800-296-4120.

Visit: www.powermonitors.com.

Digital junction box

Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ iQUBE2 digital junction box manages multiple-cell scale systems. The iQUBE2 identifies noise and tests for linearity, zero reference and monitor drift. It also features load-cell emulation and has the ability to update up to 500 times per minute.

As the diagnostic tool identifies a loadcell failure, iQUBE2 calculates an accurate weight based on comparisons to functioning cells. Users can continue weighing until a repair is made.

Call: 800-472-6703.

Visit: www.ricelake.com/iqube2.

Digital light meter

The digital light meter 61-686 from Ideal measures incandescent, fluorescent, metal halide, high-pressure sodium and halogen lamp output. Users can place its remote sensor in the area to be measured and when they press the "on" button, the light level will appear on the LCD display. Values can be saved on the LCD by pressing the "data hold" button or the "max hold" button.

Hard-to-reach areas are measured by the meter’s remote sensor with 1.5-meter cable. When finished, the compact meter slips into a pocket or the provided tool tote. The meter is shipped with a standard 9V battery.

Call: 877-201-9005.

Visit: www.idealindustries.com.

Laser wire-marking machine

Laselec has released two UV laser wire-marking machines that meet the requirements of the aerospace, rail, rally and Formula One racing-car industries. Laselec has also developed equipment for the cable and wire industry, including the MT 200 inspection station.

The compact MT 200 marks cable samples using a UV laser, and then produces an analysis report. The machine enables users to check the markability of the cable and carry out periodic controls during production. The machine complements the company’s Ulys Modena and MRO 200 series of wire markers. The Ulys Modena is suitable for high production volumes and comes in four models. For smaller production runs, Laselec offers the MRO 200 series.

Direct marking with a UV laser offers the advantage of reducing the weight of the cabling. In turn, this results in reduced weight for the appliances that are equipped with the cables. Rising energy costs have also made weight an extremely important factor for manufacturers and users.

E-mail: infousa@laselec.com.

Visit: www.laselec.com.

Industrial laser

Spectra-Physics has announced the Pulseo series of Q-switched, diode-pumped, solid-state industrial lasers. The rugged Pulseo 355-10 provides 10 W of 355 nm output at 90 kHz with a short pulse width of <23 ns.

Key applications for the Pulseo 355-10 are crystalline silicon photovoltaic solar-cell manufacturing processes, such as wafer scribing and dicing, drilling and marking.

The high-power industrial laser is also ideal for microelectronics applications, such as hole drilling, flex-circuit cutting, flat-panel manufacturing, LED-substrate scribing, silicon-wafer dicing or scribing and low K dielectric scribing.

The Pulseo 355-10 has a short pulse width and high peak power. These characteristics, combined with higher repetition rates, reduce undesired thermal effects, resulting in higher throughput with less damage to the parts.

Call: 408-980-5546.

Visit: www.newport.com/pulseo.

Digital load cell conditioner

The OM-232-D digital load cell conditioner from Load Cell Central is ideal for force measurement applications in which the data must be recorded or viewed on a computer screen. Data can be saved and opened in MS Excel for charting and graphing. The force transducer, pressure sensor or extensometer can be calibrated using the provided software.

The unit can store calibration data for up to three sensors. At the rate of up to 60 readings per second, it provides peak and valley readings. It features a direct-to-PC RS232 output or a USB option that uses an adapter.

The 16-bit analog output tracks the load-cell signals, can be used to drive chart recorders or remote displays and can be transmitted to a central control room.

Call: 800-562-3235.

Visit: www.800loadcel.com.

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