Power to the People

Abstract:Past research has shown a strong relationship between people equity - a framework to measure and manage human capital - and business performance, financial outcomes, quality, and customer satisfaction. A recent survey was conducted to determine if this relationship held during times of economic disruption and what strategies were effectively used to close internal customer gaps. Survey results supported the findings of the earlier research. Companies with more involved employees outperformed those with lower participation. In addition, the survey noted that optimal performance is not achieved unless there is also alignment with company strategy and values. A sidebar article defines the concept of people …

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A timely article, as some leaders are struggling with less engagement in our Hoshin process. How does one motivate others to participate in these types of strategic initiatives in addition to their primary day-to-day jobs?

I read the two previous studies published in QP. All three articles should help in providing background for understanding the many dynamics of a company trying to become a high performer and best in class. People equity seems to be a key driver, one that helps make the connection. It's very helpful seeing the advice on how to improve internal service. These concepts and approaches can be applied systemwide. The studies and advise could apply to any transformation process, be it Operational Excellence or Lean Journey.

Many leaders say people are the most important asset and truly believe those words. However, how many can explain how people are connected to improving a company's performance and customer satisfaction? These studies might help provide the necessary insight to do something about it. Sharing these studies with our leaders would hopefully increase awareness and improve the journey.
--Dave Walsh, 04-19-2010

People are the backbone of any achievement or endeavor. Development does not start with goods, but with people, and their education, discipline and organization. But let us not forget that behind the people (or workforce) is the system that enables them to move toward productivity or achieve something great.

People and system go hand-in-hand, and both are equally important. But we must always remember not to separate these two elements--people & system--in our productivity efforts or continual improvement. A person is made up of systems, just as a system helps a person move and function as a human person. Many quality practitioners or managers miss the whole point of always integrating these two elements of life.

This is similar to the inseparability of quality & goodness. When there is quality, there should always be goodness. When a particular endeavor does not bring goodness to people, then there is--philosophically or technically--no quality in it. This is the philosophy behind an integral transformation management system.
--Buds M. Fernando, 04-17-2010

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