The Next Chapter?

Abstract:Six Sigma Marketing (SSM) is a new version of Six Sigma that focuses on increasing an organization’s market share by identifying targeted products and markets that drive revenue and stock growth. The method integrates Six Sigma’s DMAIC problem-solving approach with a customer-focused performance perspective designed to help organizations refocus and become more market …

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Huh? Am I the only one that noticed that *nothing* was said about what the terms mean (Operational Definitions), how the required data were gathered/generated, how the results were calculated?

If you tell me "customer surveys," my reply is, "You're dreaming if you think values from Likert scales (ordinal data) can be treated as interval/ratio data." For an explanation, why not see Wheeler's Making Sense of Data (2003), pp 35-38.
--Wayne G. Fischer, PhD, 06-23-2010

This is a great article! The idea that customer loyalty can be decomposed and managed is as good as winning the lottery. What company could not gain with this insight?
--Paul Janke, 05-24-2010

Very helpful and interesting to know how Six Sigma can be taken further!!
--Rama, 03-24-2010

A new dynamics of marketing which can drive the performance of an organization and earn more revenue. Need more insight to actual application. A really interesting article with simplicity.
--Madambath Devidasan, 03-14-2010

Very informative article. It delivered what the reader needs: the concept and tools. Sales and marketing can both value from Six Sigma.
--Chuck Overbeck, 03-13-2010

--Maggie Hepner, 03-10-2010

Great article.
--Michael Jay Freer, 03-10-2010

Dear Eric,
Very interesting article. As a new CLSSBB with a background in product management and sales, I think your concepts are right on target. Increasing efficiency and cost cutting are necessary, but growing the top line is just as important. Cheers for applying 6S to the demand side.
Kindest regards,
Doug Parker
--Doug Parker, 03-08-2010

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