Rotary encoders

Heidenhain has released rotary encoders with IP 64 protection, absolute position-value formation and functional safety, all within 35-mm diameter housing. These small rotary encoders are known as the 1000 Series and are designed to be used as single-encoder measurement feedback systems in safety-oriented applications.

The safety-oriented position encoders with functional safety provide two independently formed position values through a serial EnDat interface. The EnDat 2.2 version of these new absolute rotary encoders with serial data transfer offers a single-turn resolution of 23 bits and a multi-turn resolution of 12 bits. The supply voltage range is from 3.6-14 V. Eight rotary encoders complete the 1000 Series.

Call: 847-490-1191.

Visit: www.heidenhain.com.

Hot-melt adhesive

Power Adhesives’ series of new hot-melt adhesive formulations are ideal for use where sand cores are fixed together and assembled. The hot-melt adhesives bond instantly without wait time or use of solvents.

The TEC 3200 has a melt rate of up to 6.5 lbs. per hour. Features include a plug-in temperature control, making it ideal for foundry processes with different temperature requirements.

The TEC 6100 has a fast, even and controllable melt rate of up to 9 lbs. per hour, assuring a smooth molten glue flow and better control of the adhesive. Features include enclosed heater housing with silicon rubber nozzle shroud for operator safety and a power-on warning indicator light for easy monitoring.

The TEC 810-12 is a heavy-duty midrange glue gun that has a melt rate up to 4.5 lbs. per hour and a warm-up time of two minutes.

Call: 704-334-2425.

Visit: www.poweradhesives.com.

Gas distribution and management

Concoa’s gas distribution and management system is designed to provide high-flow gas generators, compressors and bulk supply systems with continuous reserve supply. The Series 542 high-flow backup automatically activates the reserve to provide gas supply without interruption in the event of power loss or if the supply system provides an insufficient amount of gas.

The Series 542 is ideal for use in high-flow building or facility systems with nitrogen, air, helium, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, oxygen or argon. Users can program the pressures at which the backup engages and continually monitor pipeline pressure and reserve status.

Check valves on the generator and the reserve prevent backflow to the generator or reserve cylinder, while shut-off valves allow for isolation and disconnection of either line.

Call: 800-225-0473.

Visit: www.concoa.com.

Kilowatt hour transducers

Onset Computer has introduced kilowatt hour (kWh) transducers for use with HOBO data loggers. The WattNode transducers provide high-accuracy measurements of 1, 2 or 3-phase power in 2, 3 or 4-wire configurations. They connect directly to Onset’s web-based HOBO U30 monitoring systems and standalone HOBO Energy Logger Pro data loggers, and are easy to install in service panels and junction boxes. Typical applications include energy monitoring, submetering and phase-load monitoring.

For plotting and analyzing kWh data, Onset offers HOBOware Pro software, an intuitive graphing and analysis software package for PC, and Mac computers. HOBOware Pro provides a graphical user interface, enabling users to graph, analyze and print data files, as well as export the data to MS Excel and other spreadsheet programs for further analysis.

Call: 800-564-4377.

Visit: www.onsetcomp.com.

Wireless transmitter

The Microcor wireless transmitter (MWT) is based on Rohrback Cosasco Systems’ (RCS) Microcor high-resolution corrosion measurement technology. The 2.4 GHz self-organizing wireless network provides data reliability and network stability through its high security communication.

The MWT can be supplied as part of a complete corrosion management system comprised of access fittings, probes, gateway, corrosion management and process interface software. MWTs are easily configured using a direct connection to a PC or laptop in a safe area, or through RCS’s handheld instrument in hazardous locations. The MWT operates in environments such as oil and gas, chemical, and water and wastewater plants.

Call: 562-949-0123.

E-mail: sales@cosasco.com.

Particulate sampling unit

Environmental monitoring equipment manufacturer Casella Monitor has added a gravimetric particulate sampling unit—the Gravisol Sequential Ambient Particulate Monitor. The device is capable of handling high volumes and has an automatic pneumatic filter changeover mechanism, which allows up to 18 gravimetric samples to be taken sequentially.

The Gravisol is driven by a single motor and is capable of 3D movement, removing the risk of internal temperature fluctuations. The device allows sampling for particulate matter, such as soot and dust, and includes temperature and pressure sensor attachments.

The Gravisol has a touchscreen interface and a 2GB memory capacity, as well as a web-based remote control facility. It is ideal for use on construction or demolition sites; for indicative boundary monitoring, air quality assessments, ambient air quality studies, traffic monitoring; and in air quality management areas.

E-mail: info@casellameasurement.com.

Visit: www.casellameasurement.com.

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