Quality 3.0

Abstract:In the 1990s the internet permitted many manufacturing organizations to outsource operations to low-cost suppliers around the world. While savings were great, quality control suffered, resulting in major recalls. Operational savings disappeared as organizations rushed to offset their quality risks in a complex supply chain process. But the patchwork systems that were deployed weren’t the long-term solutions that would fix the problems. An interview with two industry leaders examines the current direction of quality management and sustainable quality improvements. Tomorrow’s leaders will be those individuals and organizations that move quickly to embrace the technologies presently available to control the costs and results of quality control in the global supply …

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I have been screaming my throat off for the past 5 years that organizations have been "overoutsourcing" in a bid to save costs. Outsourcing has become a fashion these days. I believe this is harming the organizations in the long run.

You have brought this out so well in this article. I hope a revolution happens - and soon!!!
--Balaji S. Reddie, 02-18-2010

Excellent article discussing the quality of the supply chain industry, and good points on making improvements.
--Nadia Noreen, 02-17-2010

A good stab at looking into the future. The comments on supply chain were pertinent. However, I was looking for more about the 'human' side of quality, and I was disappointed. Since many improvement initiatives appear to fail due to communications issues or people issues, I have been looking for a recognition that a focus on technical issues is limiting. We technical people (yes, I include myself in that group) have a tendency to think the soft side is not our problem. Am I on a hopeless quest, or do others share my view that a successful next step in quality needs to contain a much larger people element?
--Douglas C. Wood, 02-15-2010

Very good article dealing with quality of supply chain.
--Margasahayam Jagannathan Ravi, 02-11-2010

The revolution continues, phase 2 of this article will bring together executives from around the globe (South Africa, India, Mexico, Canada, USA, China and Europe) to discuss the impact of SharePoint on the global collaborative environment.
--Kreg Kukor , 02-06-2010

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