Cone filters

Biohit’s Safe-Cone filters for precision pipettors prevent contamination of the pipettor and also the sample. Regular use of the Safe-Cone filters will prolong the service life of the pipettor by protecting the internal mechanisms. Parts of the pipettors are also protected from vapors or liquids that might otherwise enter the instrument.

Safe-Cone filters are ideal for all liquid-handling applications requiring safe, accurate and precise delivery of fluid samples. These filters are available in two versions: standard filters for general work and plus filters for radioactive, cell culture and molecular biological applications.

E-mail: pipet@biohit.com.

Visit: www.us.biohit.com.

Digital gauge kit

Carver has introduced a digital gauge kit with an LCD gauge face for all hand-operated Carver press models. The new gauge is battery powered and readings are generated in 100 lb. increments. The gauge is configured to the press model, which customers must specify when ordering.

Installation instructions and all required fittings are included in the kit. Optional increment settings of 1 lb. or 10 lbs. are available instead of 100 lb. increments. Users can select readouts in pounds force, tons, metric tons, kilonewtons or kilograms.

Call: 260-563-7577.

Visit: www.carverpress.com.

Direct metal laser sintering

EOS has released a material for direct metal laser sintering. NickelAlloy IN718 is a nickel-based heat resistant superalloy that corresponds to the commonly known Inconel 718 alloy. It is a precipitation-hardening nickel-chromium alloy characterized by good tensile, fatigue, creep and rupture strength at temperatures up to 700°C. It shows corrosion resistance is ideal for high-temperature applications and possesses cryogenic properties.

The main user of this material is the aerospace industry. The material also possesses excellent cryogenic properties and has potential for cryogenic applications.

Call: 401-272-1510.

Visit: www.eos.info.

Radiant power detector

Gigahertz-Optik has released mini sphere radiant power detectors. The ISD-1.6-Si-1 and ISD-1.6-Si-FC-1 features a compact 16 mm-diameter integrating sphere for beam emitter-type light sources, such as laser diode dyes and optical fibers.

The detector’s primary function is to fit inside existing equipment and small enclosed spaces to measure beam power through its 3 mm measurement port. The silicon photodiode detector offers a wide spectral range of 400 to 1,100 nm. The detector head is traceably calibrated and certified to international standards.

The ISD-1.6-Si-FC-1 model includes a fiber-optic connector to allow connection of a spectrometer in case spectral data is required. The fiber-optic connector is mounted opposite the measurement port to collect the maximum amount of light signal for high-resolution spectrometers with limited sensitivity.

A near-infrared version with an InGaAs photodiode to cover the 800 nm to 1,700 nm spectral range is also available.

Call: 978-462-1818.

Visit: www.gigahertz-optik.com.

Handheld pressure calibrator

Ametek Calibration Instruments has introduced handheld pressure calibrators designed to meet high-accuracy pressure calibration applications.

The Jofra HPC500 and HPC502 calibrators combine deadweight tester accuracy in a digital package with user-friendly capabilities.

The HPC500 and HPC502 features a user configurable information display, 15 different pressure units, transmitter supply, mA input, percentage error calculation, voltage measurement, serial communication and external pressure module capability.

Each unit is available as an independent calibrator or in one of six ready-for-test systems that are complete and equipped to meet pressure calibration needs.

The HPC500 and HPC502 are suited for a broad range of applications, from simple tool type jobs to complex calibration applications in custody transfer systems. The HPC500 Series offers one installed transducer that is customer selectable up to 10,000 psi/700 bar, including differential and absolute ranges.

The HPC502 offers two installed transducers that are customer selectable.

Call: 727-536-7831.

Visit: www.ametekcalibration.com.

Analog proximity sensors

Turck has enhanced the functionality of its analog proximity sensors to differentiate between the types of metal being detected—independent of the distance from the sensor. They are available in ring and flat housings providing up to 11 mm of sensing range. These sensors function well in stamping, die-cutting and metal-sorting applications in which different metal types are frequently found.

The analog material detection sensors use inductive coils with radio frequency fields that are influenced differently for each metal type. The signal difference is then converted into a 0-to-10 volt direct current analog signal to signify which type of metal is being detected. A wide operating temperature rating of -10 to 70°C makes these sensors useful in cold rolling mills that draw seamless pipes.

Call: 800-544-7769.

Visit: www.turck.us.

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