Safe Landing

Abstract:Travelers choose airlines based on customer service rather than low fares, and JetBlue Airways believes customer feedback is the answer to improving its competitive advantage. The company receives a treasure trove of data from customer surveys, its website, and other sources. The sheer volume of information can be challenging, so to meet the challenge, JetBlue uses text analytics software to improve the quality of its customer feedback analysis and management. Analysts are able to provide a more complete view of customer sentiment to integrate into JetBlue’s other decision-making systems. Text analytics have been so successful that JetBlue plans to extend it to internal feedback from its own …

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This software may have a home with the NHTSA and Toyota. It may help in the future to spot trouble safety areas and provide a better risk assessment than what is currently in place. I hope they use it.
--Tom, 02-24-2010

An excellent paper! I'm glad to read something a little more serious on methodology in QP.
--Helene Giroux, 02-12-2010

Me parece que el tener la oportunidad de que el usuario se exprese por el servicio y no por el costo (que si importa el costo, pero mas la atencion al pasajero), eso permite que aerolines de bajo costo de otros paises puedan seguir el ejemplo de la encuesta que se presenta.
--Roberto Chavez Sanchez, 02-11-2010

We've been struggling to have useful customer surveys that can give us good information. I like the concept of turning objective comments into subjective details that can be used to drive changes or support current practice. Good article with good details of how the program works!
--Mari Johnson, 02-09-2010

Very interesting topic. I like it a lot.
--omar carmona, 02-08-2010

The effectiveness of this survey will be interesting, as all of the major airlines have always said that price is the defining metric for customer attraction & retention.
--Roger Von Deylen, 02-08-2010

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