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Abstract:Five of Quality Progress’ Career Corner columnists discuss challenges encountered when moving to a new job, moving up in the organization, or changing positions. Tips are given for marketing yourself to your future boss, and how you can boost your chances of success by seeking certification and further training. A personal development template gives visual clues that can improve your positioning for promotion within the organization. A series of questions helps you decide whether or not it is time to seek a new position elsewhere and if you have sufficient qualifications for the desired position. Finally, some of the career risks posed by the economy, cultural change, and world politics are considered. A sidebar article list additional sources of ASQ resources on career …

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I found these articles really helpful and insightful. The first two are related to my situation as I am looking for a job. I already recommended these articles to my friends. Thanks for the posting.
--Ting, 01-18-2010

These articles were very interesting and valuable. I have seen my employer lay off over half the employees this past year (8,000+ people) and is currently beginning major outsourcing in Asia. Knowledge and the ability to effectively apply skills and generate equitable results is the key to survival.
--Mike, 01-13-2010

I appreciate all the articles as they relate to different situations at the present. The article by Linborg, "Should You Stay Or Should You Go?" is relative to my situation right now. His information is very timely for my outlook with my current employer who has not laid anyone off...yet.
--Denice Marcinko, 01-13-2010

I appreciate the wide range of view points from each of the authors.
--Erin, 01-12-2010

Russell Westcott's article really highlights the need to be constant learners in our profession, and to continue to grow and learn through a self-directed development plan. The graphic (Figure 1) is worth closer inspection, as it shows the challenges and rewards an individual will face trying to learn new skills. This article is a great reminder to continue to "sharpen the axe" on a regular basis, especially in challenging economic times.
--Drew W., 01-12-2010

I would recommend these articles to others. I found them most helpful, especially in these present times. Thank you very much.
--Georgelyn, 01-12-2010

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