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Abstract:The loss of experienced workers resulting from the departure of Baby Boomers from the work force poses a special threat to manufacturing companies dependent upon their skills to maintain quality. Manufacturers must reach out now to find qualified workers in order to avoid potential shortfalls. Interactive technology opens new avenues for attracting potential employees and promoting your company as a good place to work. In addition to external recruitment efforts, companies should consider encouraging current employees by offering training programs to further develop their skills. An effective approach to ensure successful training is based on a lean manufacturing practice developed during World War II called Training Within Industry (TWI). TWI promotes continuous learning, creates opportunities for the workforce to share knowledge with others, and drives successful and meaningful …

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Ron, thanks for the article. Someday I'll make use of this article. Keep investing in TWI and reap the benefits.
Cheers !!!
--Vinod Pal Singh, 01-13-2010

A good introductory article that touches briefly on some incredible challenges now faced by industry. I've personally gained invaluable experience since my senior high school years through Career Preparation, TWI, Trades Training, and Continuous Improvement programs.
--Ken, 01-12-2010

Very general article. What should had been done is to take a sample of case study and incorporate into the articles, then this article will be more useful for us.
--Sarojah, 01-06-2010

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