Gas stream analyzer

Mocon’s oxygen gas stream analyzer (GSA) model 102 is designed as an inline addition to vertical form-fill-seal units, as well as rotary pouch machines and horizontal flow wrappers with continuous gas flushing.

Gas flushing is desired in a variety of food and pharmaceutical applications in which carbon dioxide or nitrogen is flushed into the package to displace oxygen so that shelf life is extended.

Typical applications include meats, coffee, nuts, snack foods, cheese, produce and pharmaceutical/medical products such as sterile injectables, drug-coated stents and ophthalmic surgical solutions.

The GSA model 102 features a self-initiating Cal-Smart calibration system. Cal-Smart uses ambient air and advanced electronic controls to perform a 2-point calibration. The calibration cycle takes 90 seconds to execute. It also features temperature and barometric pressure compensation.

Call: 763-493-7231; visit: www.mocon.com.


Olympus has announced the Iplex LX and Iplex LT industrial videoscopes. These videoscopes are small and lightweight, making them suitable for a range of remote visual inspections of parts or structures in which access is limited.

The size and weight make the new Iplex units ideal for applications in which operator access is limited, such as inside boiler rooms, airplane fuselages or wind turbine gear boxes.

The reason for its small size is that the LCD monitor is built into a main operating unit that is just 64 mm wide excluding the handle. The LCD monitor uses a 6.5 in. screen with low ambient reflection, permitting inspection outdoors in direct sunlight.

They comply with IP55 standards and with United States Department of Defense standards MIL-STD-810F, Method 510.4/506.4 for resistance to dust and rain, and MIL-STD-810F, Method 516.5 for the 1.2 m drop test. They can be operated safely in difficult field environments and in dusty or sandy conditions.

Call: 781-419-3562; visit: www.olympus-ims.com.

Movement system

Mod Tech Industries has released the Air Assist Movement (AAM) system. The concept of the system is to allow for the measuring of a manufactured part or parts located on one AAM plate, while another product is simultaneously being set up or staged on a second plate.

Once the first part-measurement program is complete, it is moved through the AAM plate from the measuring location to its origin or home position on a cushion of air. The second plate is then relocated to the measuring location by the same process. At this time, the first plate is now available for another part set-up.

This exchange process continues in an alternate sequence for as many like parts or different parts as there are to be measured. With the recommended air supply, an AAM plate can lift and move more than 500 lbs., making it adaptable for use on most coordinate measuring machines. The system is also removable, allowing for flexibility.

Call: 715-524-4510; visit: www.modtechindustries.com.

Packing robot

QComp Technologies has released the Duet Packer Cell for packaging individual products. It features two robots that pack products into shipping cases or containers at a rate of 150 picks per minute.

The preengineered system is designed to provide manufacturers with a turnkey solution to increase the customer’s bottom line and reduce production costs.

The Duet Packer Cell is a packing method that provides the flexibility manufacturers need to accommodate last-minute product changes or complete redeployment for new products.

The QComp Duet Packer Cell is preengineered, allowing for easy install and startup. It meets the Regulatory Impact Analysis and American National Standards Institute standards.

The unit can pick up to 45 lbs. per pick and features one 4-axis robot, one 6-axis robot and integrated feed conveyors.

Call: 920-757-0775; e-mail: info@qcomptech.com.


Adept Technology’s ACE PackXpert is a software solution built on Adept’s fully integrated automation control environment, Adept ACE software.

It is designed for packaging applications and allows manufacturers to respond to part changes without reprogramming.

ACE PackXpert features an intuitive graphical interface and 3-D workspace display for visualizing the system operation.

This software enables users to coordinate the efforts of an entire line of robots by working across multiple controllers.

The program is designed for novice users, with no programming required to bring an application online, while permitting users with V+ programming expertise to leverage their existing library of V+ functionality.

Call: 925-245-3400; visit: www.adept.com.

Fuel-polishing module

The daily build-up of condensation in a diesel fuel system can lead to fuel contamination through bacteria growth. Parker Energy Systems’ FPM-050 fuel-polishing module reduces the daily accumulation of water in fuel systems, preventing corrosion and minimizing equipment downtime.

The FPM-050 is a fuel recirculation system that uses solid-state pump technology, an existing fuel filter and 150 mA at 12V direct current or less than 2W of power.

It’s ideal for equipment that sits for long periods between uses or is stored outside or away from the grid power during downtime. It has been designed to work with a variety of fuels, such as diesel, biodiesel blends and kerosene.

Call: 877-217-4501; visit: www.parkerfuelpolishing.com.

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