Managing Expectations

Abstract:Management support is vital for initiating, implementing, and sustaining a quality initiative. But getting management to support necessary changes can be difficult. Instead of trying to sell cultural change, sell the significance of making improvements in terms management finds acceptable and then build in gradual steps leading to a change in the culture. A sidebar article highlights quotations from notable quality professionals regarding the importance of management support of quality …

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I fully agree with this article and have experienced it in the past.
If no strong support by the top, no success is granted, and it is wasted money!
--Vereycken, 12-03-2009

I have to give some credit to ASQ for its persistence on these critical subjects. However, these principals have been around for quite some time now. Is anyone interested in doing an old fashion root cause analysis? Becouse it is quite evident that top leaders "haven't got it yet."

Sal Santoro "The Simonds godfather of Quality"
--Sal Santoro, 11-10-2009

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