Ask, and Ye Shall Receive

Abstract:When it comes to getting the answers they need, even auditors with extensive technical backgrounds can profit from skills used daily by journalists. Journalists are adept at managing conversations and getting people to open up and provide vital information. Five underlying principles and techniques journalist use to conduct productive interviews can help the auditor navigate the sometimes perilous waters of audit and assessment …

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Excellent article.
--Beatriz Gonzalez, 10-31-2009

Excellent article! Indeed, audits should be about relationships to drive improvements, especially internal audits. The human aspects should never be underestimated. Thank you for a terrific refresher.
--Alex Guzman, 10-29-2009

Great points to establish rapport and ensure honest support in terms of information flow to gather answers to questions.
--Parijat, 10-22-2009

Great article!!!!!
--George Azedo, 10-16-2009

I liked splitting the question as a way to defuse the volatile question and still allow for covering the issues.
--D Dickens, 10-09-2009

Good, practical ideas to use in audit interviews.
--Zinat Hirji, 10-09-2009

Great article! Definitely worth trying out some of the suggestions. I travel across the world to do vendor audits, and this article empowers me even more.

Thanks to the authors.
--Aloysius Dsouza, 10-08-2009

Very helpful for auditors and interviewers.
--Joe Dunbar, 10-08-2009

Worth-reading article. Very practical solutions are suggested for commonly faced issues during audit interviews. Effective homework, self-disclosure, making eye-contact and mirroring body language are really best options.
--Samir Ahmed, 10-08-2009

Great article. I will definitely use some of the recommended strategies during my audit interviews.
--A. Adams, 10-08-2009

What a great article, with some real key ideas and suggestions to use! Nice out-of-the-box networking article.
--Marcia Barnette, 10-08-2009

The authors provided some good ideas that I hope to use in my interviewing (auditing) work.
The references will be useful for follow-up reading.
--Glenn Gee, 10-06-2009

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