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Abstract:Six Sigma has many meanings, but over the past 30 years, many businesses have looked upon it as a means of improving quality and reducing costs. Yet critics say the lean philosophy has made Six Sigma unnecessary and that it stifles innovation and strategic change. Basic Six Sigma implementation is outlined and some of the downsides are discussed. If Six Sigma is to survive, it must include broad process improvement tools or else be used as a well-defined but narrow tool to be applied when and where appropriate. Organizations must be prepared to use variations of process management initiatives that include Six Sigma while accepting the disruptive innovation and change necessary to develop new products and …

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Informative article ...
--keshav ram singhal, 10-08-2009

It's good to think about the evolution challenges of Six Sigma. I am sure that the NEW GENERATION Management and Improvement approach is a combination of ISO (the ground) prior to LEAN+SIGMA. We could call this ISO_LEAN_SIGMA

Regards from SLP Mexico.
--Jesus Puente, 09-22-2009

Excellent article. I like how it mentioned several quality improvement processes and especially highlighted the difference between IT process improvement versus other business areas.
--John Columbus, CISA, 09-17-2009

We need to have more articles like this that emphasize the importance of looking at quality tools as merely that, they are only as good as those that use them. The sooner we lose the "instant fix" mentality from management approaches and shift to creating long-term value that focuses on improvement in effectiveness, efficiency, and innovation with equal importance, the better off all of us will be!!!
--Micah Woodard, 09-16-2009

Excellent Article!!! That's what innovation is required, especially in the IT field, putting the impetus on me to be the innovator.
--Amit Rahut, 09-02-2009

Very well-summarized article. Glad to note that the authors presented their own opinion also...and in a manner that is constructive. Thanks.
--Anshuman Tiwari, 09-02-2009

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