Voltage performance monitor

The voltage performance monitor (VPM) from Ideal identifies voltage events and harmonics that cause IT equipment damage or failures. The VPM plugs directly into a circuit at the point of equipment connection and "sees" exactly what the equipment sees. It logs events that exceed designed tolerances, including voltage sags, swells, impulses and excessive total harmonic distortion.

The VPM determines if equipment failure is related to a specific voltage event. Time and severity of events are displayed on a screen that inverts when it is necessary to plug in upside down. Up to 512 events can be stored in the unit’s internal memory for review by category or in chronological order.

The VPM comes preloaded with tolerance settings based on 15 internationally recognized standards. Users select the appropriate standard for the application, and the VPM logs those events while ignoring the rest. Technicians can also set their own custom thresholds to meet specific needs.

Call: 877-201-9005; e-mail: david.skowronski@idealindustries.com.

OEM pressure sensors

Servoflo has introduced original equipment manufacturer (OEM) pressure sensors from MicroSensor. They are designed for embedded applications in which ruggedness, anti-corrosiveness and exposure to media are important.

The OEM pressure sensors feature various pressure ranges up to 100 MPa, in gauge, absolute or differential versions. Non-corrosive, isolated construction and stainless steel packages for various media are available. These industrial pressure sensors have an unamplified, linear millivolt output, which includes temperature compensation.

Call: 781-862-9572; visit: www.servoflo.com.

Web-based enterprise system

EtQ has announced enhanced features in the latest release of its web-based enterprise system for quality, compliance and environmental health and safety management. Reliance 6.2 incorporates enhanced features and utilities, including automation, integration and reporting.

Enhancements to the latest release include:

  • Searching and filtering capabilities give the user the ability to retrieve past search strings.
  • Enterprise configuration center enables a centralized resource for managing multiple facilities.
  • Customer complaints module allows users to track all aspects of their customer data.
  • Connection profiles is a graphical, web-based administration tool enabling integration between EtQ Reliance and third-party business systems.
  • Flexible decision trees allow users to create web-based lists of related questions that are dependent on one another to produce quantitative results, such as a risk ranking, subsequent questions or related actions.
  • Centralized reporting includes 3D, Radar and Polar charting, and the ability to define upper and lower control limits for each chart type.

Call: 800-354-4476; visit: www.etq.com/reliance.

Scanning electron microscope

Novelx’s mySEM is a bench-top scanning electron microscope for imaging and characterizing nanoscale objects and materials. It’s compact and installs into available lab space or closer to production lines. The mySEM is designed for low-voltage operation. It’s used for the imaging of energy sensitive nanomaterials, biomaterials, polymers, thin films and membranes.

Several imaging techniques are available with the mySEM to enhance surface contrast and allow nanoscale features to be observed. The mySEM eliminates charging of non-conductive samples without the need to coat samples, which can mask many nanoscale features, or to operate at increased pressure, which can degrade resolution.

Industrial applications include the characterization of nanomaterials at corporate product development labs, the failure analysis of nanoscale defects and the quality assurance of nanomaterial-based products closer to the production line.

Call: 925-962-0889 x304; visit: www.novelx.com.

Variable speed pump controller

ITT’s Bell and Gossett Technologic 502 variable speed pump controller uses a hardware platform with pumping software and proven algorithms to create a more cost-efficient and energy-saving pump system for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and pressure booster applications.

The 502 integrated pump controller and adjustable frequency drive features control of up to four parallel pumps and four analog inputs for a combination of zone sensors, flow sensors and suction sensors. Customized algorithms to handle the entire range of pumping applications, including secondary, tertiary, hot water, chilled water and pressure boosting are also standard.

The 502 program safeguards against damaging hydraulic conditions, such as pump-flow surges and system overpressurization. The 502 contributes to Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design certification and may also qualify for economic stimulus rebate or local power company incentives.

Call: 847-983-5811; visit: www.bellgossett.com.

Reference temperature calibrator

Ametek Calibration Instruments has introduced the Jofra RTC-156, a block reference temperature calibrator featuring a dynamic load compensation (DLC) system for temperature uniformity in the insert, no matter the number or size of the sensors immersed. The RTC-156 also has sensors for plug-and-play connectivity, a full-color video graphics array display and a USB connection for communications and software downloads.

The RTC-156 performs calibrations over a wide range of temperatures, from -30 C° up to 155 C°. Heating and cooling speeds also have been increased 20% versus comparable calibrators.

Three models are available: RTC-A reference temperature calibrator; RTC-B reference temperature calibrator with input for reference sensor, DLC sensor and sensors-under-test; and RTC-C reference temperature calibrator with input for reference sensor and DLC sensor. Ametek’s Jofracal proprietary software package comes standard on all models.

Call: 727-536-7831; visit: www.ametekcalibration.com.

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